Workforce Edition of the COABE Journal featuring Jaimie Francis

Employer-Led Efforts to Close the Skills Gap
Via Untapped Talent Pipelines

Jaimie M. Francis

Jaimie M. Francis is the Executive Director of Programs and Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Center for Education and Workforce (CEW). Ms. Francis develops and oversees CEW’s programs for postsecondary education and workforce development. She manages its Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) initiative and its 300+ member National Learning Network of TPM practitioners. Ms. Francis is a faculty member for the TPM Academy®, an in-person training for state and local chamber, business association, and economic development agency leaders, as well as employers, to learn the TPM approach to drive partnerships with their education and training providers based on industry need.


At a time with an increasing focus on return on investment, employers must adopt business strategies that are scalable; driven by their own data and inclusive of students and workers of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds. Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) is a workforce strategy that focuses on the development and delivery of talent from classroom to career. The TPM approach is designed to give employers the tools they need to feel confident managing career pathways for students and workers, and creates shared responsibility between employers and their talent provider partners to establish successful talent pipelines. This piece will examine the methodology and its application for uncovering untapped talent pipelines.