I’ve learned a lot through my participation in SALI and also as a State Fellow. I’m grateful for all the resources and support offered by COABE. – ASHLEIGH HENRICHS

The State Association Leadership Institute (SALI) was established to support new State Association startups, provide additional support, capacity building, and professional development for all associations, and to showcase excellence in state association leadership.

COABE is excited to launch the third cohort of the State Association Leadership Institute (SALI)!

Here’s what you and your association can expect to gain by participating in SALI:
1) Leadership training
2) Professional development
3) Funding provided by COABE
4) Community of Practice
5) Resources and capacity building
6) Recognition and visibility opportunities
Who can participate?
Your paid staff and/or board of directors are invited to participate, however we ask that you select one individual as the representative (COABE liaison) for this initiative.

How much time will be required to participate?
We will hold one hour sessions on the 4th Monday of each month, starting in July 2024. Sessions will be recorded for those that are unable to attend, however we do require consistent attendance to access the funding that COABE will provide.

What funding is COABE providing?
a) Free COABE 2024 conference registration for your COABE liaison
b) $100 Amazon gift card for your COABE liaison at the close of the institute
c) State Association Leadership Award ($2,000) given at the COABE conference
d) Seed funding for new or struggling associations

At the close of the institute, your designated liaison will receive a certificate of completion and your association will receive a badge that can be showcased on your association’s web page as well as by your staff and board members. You will also have the opportunity to apply for funding, network with other state association leaders, and access SALI member only resources.

Please contact SALI@coabe.org with any questions.

Click the button below to register for SALI, brought to you in partnership with Essential Education.

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Congratulations to the first cohort of the
State Association Leadership Institute

The State Association Leadership Institute (SALI) provides state association leaders with professional development, capacity building, and resources to improve state associations and help new state associations start up. COABE proudly recognizes the inaugural SALI cohort of leaders that have met the standards associated with each level of participation.


Connecticut, Anthony Mangiafico
Iowa, Helene Fein
Illinois, Jenny Siegfried
Kansas, Leslie Dykstra
Maine, Lisa Robertson
Michigan, Patrick Brown
Missouri, Juli Denisco
North Dakota, Jim Collins
Pennsylvania, Denise Alexander
Tennessee, Yvette Dixon
Utah, Joshua Bell
Wyoming, Sandy Myers



Alabama, Shelby Luna
Alaska, Pamela Cushman
Arizona, Nicole Sabino Coker
Indiana, Jennifer Wigginton
New Mexico, Jamie Trujilo
Texas, Denise Hinojosa Orand
Wisconsin, Ashleigh Henrichs


California, Adriana Sanchez Aldana
Delaware, Joanne Chandler
Hawaii, Chad Okinaka
Minnesota, See Moua-Leske
Mississippi, Andrew Strehlow
Nevada, Jennifer Keiser
Rhode Island, Christopher Bourret
South Carolina, Erin Black
South Dakota, Jennifer Keyes
Virginia, Nichole Bennett


Florida, Jeffery Arnott
New York, Lisa Lee
Oregon, Julie Rossi