Behind Every Employer

COABE and SkillsUSA are proud co-founders of Behind Every Employer, a national campaign that strategically connects companies with educational leaders across the country to provide solutions for the workforce talent challenges they face both today and in the future.

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Beyond the First Meeting

A Guide for Beginning and Cultivating a Thriving Workplace Education Program   

Published by “Behind Every Employer”, the guide was created to help adult education providers connect with employers to build strong, viable partnerships. It’s designed from the perspective that the best way to address the needs of students is by adequately building and fostering strong employer partnerships. Once this is done, you are well on the way to meeting the employment or advancement needs of students.

The goal of this guide is to help you get your first meeting with an employer. Making it through that meeting with success while landing the second invite from the employer is your goal!  This guide provides you with proven strategies and common pitfalls educators sometimes experience when building relationships with employers. By the time you finish reading the guide, you can expect to better engage employers, speak their language, and obtain successful outcomes!

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Behind Every Employer Incentive Grant

COABE will provide an incentive grant to an adult education organization that can demonstrate effectiveness in engaging employers with multiple workforce and education partners. Note that you must register your organization to get on the Behind Every Employer locator map.