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Special thanks to COABE member, Jennifer Gagliardi for compiling this exhaustive list.

American English at State

Colorín Colorado

EL Civics

ESL Discussions

  • Voting (20 discussion questions)

ESL Fast

ESL Library

ESL Podcast: 

  • Government + Law Excellent resource for Advanced students. Requires subscription.
    • ESL Podcast 1230 – Expressing Disapproval of Elected Officials
    • ESL Podcast 733–Voting in an Election
    • ESL Podcast 825–Political Advertising

First Literacy

  • Elections and Civic Preparation
    • Community Engagement Lesson Plan
    • Change Agent Voting
    • Know the Candidates
    • Know Your Community Needs Change Agent
    • Simplified Republican or Democrat Quiz
    • How Do We Elect The President?

  • Election Headquarters Although these games are geared towards K-12 civics students, these games are great practice for higher-level ESL Citizenship students, especially WIN THE WHITE HOUSE. 

ISL Collective:


Learning Chocolate

New Readers Press


  • Election 2020 Section: Although these stories are geared towards K-12 civics students, they can be adapted for higher-level ESL Citizenship students. Requires Subscription!



this i believe

  • Democracy (many essays with audio about voting)

US Citizenship Podcast


Voice of America

More Easy Election Resources