The next career step for adult learners

Amazon’s partnership with COABE enables adult learners with their high school equivalency to apply for jobs available across the country. Working at Amazon can be the path to a degree in a high demand field or the growth opportunity to become a leader at Amazon and beyond. Entry level jobs pay a minimum of $15/hr. 

Amazon strives to maintain an environment where people can learn, adapt, and excel. To do so, Amazon provides programs for employees to learn new skills and build their career – whether that means at Amazon or elsewhere.

Amazon Partnership Yields Jobs for Adult Learners

  • Career Choice Program (Learn about Career Choice)
  • Amazon Career Skills is a career development program offering onsite or virtual classes to help associates grow personally and professionally
  • A2Tech (Associate to Technician program)
  • Training on operating Powered Industrial Equipment
  • Affinity groups focus on building a strong community for employees

Learn more about Amazon job opportunities at or click here to schedule a tour at a fulfillment center near you.

Find out where an entry level job at Amazon can take you

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