National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

Once a year educators from all over the country join together with adult learners, community partners, business leaders, legislators, and friends of adult education to amplify their successes! New this year, COABE will feature a live Command Center in Washington DC at the Hall of States which will uplift voices from all sectors all week long. You won’t want to miss this exciting addition to the programming that’s listed below. We cordially invite you to join your colleagues as we celebrate the national Adult Education and Family Literacy Week!

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AEFL Week Prep Webinar

Watch the webinar replay for tips and strategies for ways that you, your local program, and your learners can share and amplify your efforts during national Adult Education and Family Literacy Week 


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Monday, September 19th
11:00 am ET

Kickoff at the COABE Command Center
Join COABE as we kick off National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week with Assistant Secretary Amy Loyd at the Office of Career Technical and Adult Education! Presenter: Amy Loyd, Assistant Secretary of OCTAE


12:00 pm ET

Impact Funding for YOUR Local Program

Tune in for a legislative update from COABE’s public policy firm, Penn Hill Group. You’ll hear about our recommendations to congress for WIOA Reauthorization and receive a progress update on current WIOA funding projections for 2023.

Presenter: Nathan Hora and Elyse Wasch


Tuesday, September 20th
11:00 am ET

Invest In The Midwest

Come see why you invest in the Midwest! Join adult education leaders, learners and advocates to learn about the transformative nature of adult skill building, career and technical education, high school equivalency, English as a second language, and credential attainment.  Students and staff from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin invite you to a special presentation on adult education in the Midwest!  Adult education is changing lives, providing economic mobility, education and career success for adults! Join us to make an instant and lasting impact on adult education.


12:30 pm ET

Research Makes the Case for Adult Education

Research in the field of adult education underscores the transformative value of adult education in a learner’s life and sphere of influence. Join us to hear about a groundbreaking longitudinal research study that your program and alumni can participate in. You will also hear about the upcoming “Students as Leaders” edition of the COABE Journal to be released in spring.

Presenters: Dr. Don Finn and Kristin Hempel


2:00 pm ET

The State of Adult Education Behind and Beyond Our Prison Walls and What We Can Do to Make It Better

Join us as we partner with the COABE Literacy Behind & Beyond the Walls Committee in celebration of Adult Education Family Literacy Week. This interactive event will explore the state of adult education in the correctional setting, the importance of adult literacy for the men and women behind bars, and the positive impact further education has on their families.

National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week raises public awareness about the need for and value of adult education and family literacy. Its goal is to increase financial and societal support for access to basic education programs for adults with low literacy, numeracy, and digital skills in the United States. Advocates across the country use this opportunity to elevate adult education and family literacy nationwide with policymakers, the media, and the community. This is an event not to be missed. 

Presenters: Jeffrey Abramowitz & Danielle Cox

Wednesday, September 21st
2:00 pm ET

Every Vote Counts: Tips, Tools, & Resources for Teachers & Adult Learners

Participants will identify the latest civics and online voting and 2022 Midterm Election resources appropriate for ELL, ABE, and Citizenship adult learners in the form of mobile apps, videos, podcasts, websites, activities, and more. By adapting and incorporating these digital resources, participants will be able to deliver relevant content about voting in online, blended, distance, or directed self-study learning environments.

Presenter: Jennifer Gagliardi



Thursday, September 22nd
11:00 am ET

Employer Perceptions of the HSE

Employers shared their perceptions of the High School Equivalency in the recent COABE/NASDAE survey of more than 750 companies nationwide. Read the brief published by COABE, and join us for this exciting discussion about the findings.

Presenters: Pat Tyler, Jeff Arnott, Stephenie Rittberger, Crystal Davidson, and Sharon Bonney

Replay Download the Brief

2:00 pm ET

Top 10 Reasons to Integrate Entrepreneurship Education & Certifications Across Adult Education Programs

This webinar will share a Top 10 list of research-based reasons why adult educators should consider integrating basic entrepreneurial mindsets, concepts, and skills across core academic subjects and career training programs.  A brief overview will be given of the upcoming COABE Online Entrepreneurship Institute for Adult Educators & Service Providers and the industry-endorsed U.S. Entrepreneurship Certification Examinations for GED, ABE/ESL, and IET adult learners, designed to empower and prepare them for college and career opportunities in the new Innovation & Gig Economy. 

Presenter: Dr. Cheryl Ayers


Friday, September 23rd
11:00 am ET

Student Success Panel

COABE recently redesigned the national and state data sheets that will be featured and discussed during legislative visits. The national data sheets include amazing student success stories. Hear from the adult learners that have been profiled, and get inspired to submit your learner success stories. 

Presenters: Sharon Bonney, Erin Vobornik, Karina Ravkina-Matousov, David Tanner, Charlene Lull, Maria Guerrero


2:00 pm ET

Fab Friday with the Fellows on Facebook

Close out Adult Education and Family Literacy Week with the State Advocate Fellows via our Fab Friday Facebook livestream! Share your engagement strategies and ways that you increased the visibility of adult education at the local, state, or national level.

Presenters: Jeffrey Abramowitz



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