Digital Equity

The pandemic revealed major gaps in basic educational needs such as WiFi and device accessibility for our adult learners who are often already dealing with major barriers to achieving their education and employment goals. COABE is committed to working with legislators, foundations, and the business community to illuminate the needs of the local programs and adult learners, but we need your help to do so. Please complete this questionnaire to help us continue to make the case for funding. 

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Educate & Elevate

The 79,000+ adult education leaders stand united in a national campaign to move learning opportunities forward for all Americans to achieve economic mobility. If you are an adult educator stand with us in this educational campaign to help funders understand the value we bring to students, workers and businesses in contributing to social mobility and economic growth. If we educate, then we elevate.

Campaign components include:

  • A national survey of adult educators to understand what they need in their state and local landscapes for advocacy and outreach
  • Outreach Campaign Toolkits for organizations to tailor and use for advocacy efforts
  • Educational webinars and coaching with national marketing and communications experts to leverage the Campaign Toolkit for your advocacy efforts
  • An expansive website to collectively share adult learner and employer success stories, testimonials and the innovations taking place across the country in Adult Education
  • A campaign video to use on your state and local websites to educate target audiences about our national efforts.
  • Campaign Community of Practice for peer-to-peer learning
  • Regular eblasts on campaign progress and highlights from across the country in adult education innovations and successes

Amazon's Upskilling Program

Amazon’s partnership with COABE enables adult learners with their high school equivalency to apply for jobs available across the country. Working at Amazon can be the path to a degree in a high demand field or the growth opportunity to become a leader at Amazon and beyond. Entry level jobs pay a minimum of $15/hr.
Amazon strives to maintain an environment where people can learn, adapt, and excel. To do so, Amazon provides programs for employees to learn new skills and build their career – whether that means at Amazon or elsewhere.

Google Applied Skills

What is Google Applied Digital Skills?

Applied Digital Skills is Google’s free, online digital literacy curriculum. Applied Digital Skills has lessons for a wide range of students, from late elementary-school students to independent adult learners. Instead of teaching digital skills with an instructional manual, the curriculum uses a series of videos to guide students through creating a project from scratch. This means that students who complete a lesson leave with a useful project such as a resume, a monthly budget, a project plan, and more.

Ambassador Training

COABE’s Student Engagement Strand promotes the notion that engaged learners become leaders in their classrooms and community. Student attendees will have the opportunity to network, and learn about what works in adult basic education along with professional educators and fellow student presenters. Learners who play this kind of leadership role at a national conference persist to success because they transform the way they see themselves – key stakeholders and experts in the field of adult basic education. This gives them a boost in self-esteem along with knowledge, skills, and abilities for their future endeavors in transitioning to higher education and careers. The range of topics covered in this strand is aimed at audiences from across the field of adult education with student perspectives and voice as the central focus. 

Prison Literacy

The Literacy Behind & Beyond the Walls Committee brings together the best and brightest educators, administrators, and leaders in the criminal justice education sector from around the country in order to share their expertise and passion for educating the men and women inside of our prisons and as they transition home to begin their pathway to success. COABE’s Literacy Behind & Beyond the Walls Committee invites you join us as we proudly support adult learners, educators and administrators who work to make change happen.

COABE / IBM SkillsBuild

SkillsBuild is a platform-enabled program that connects adult learners with employable skills and experience.

Adult Education Alumni Study

Have you wondered about the progress and successes your adult learners have made since participating in your program and the role the program has had in their lives? Through the years, many COABE members have requested data to share with funders or legislators regarding the value of adult education in a learner’s life.

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The purpose of the campaign is to connect adult learners with local programs and to provide an outreach toolkit to program administrators.


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