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Stay up to date with what is happening with COABE by reading the May 22, 2020 issue of the COABE membership update. 

COABE Membership Update

May 22, 2020

Workforce Edition of the COABE Journal featuring Jennie Mollica

Employers and labor organizations in the United States use apprenticeships to provide workers with technical education and paid on-the-job training leading to wage increases and...
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End of year fiscal options

As the end of the fiscal year approaches, why not put unspent funds to use for you and your program? COABE offers outstanding professional development...
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47% of GED recipients go on to higher ed and have a 90% persistence rate

While adult education provides so much more than just the high school equivalency, it is certainly a milestone. Studies show that 47% of GED recipients...
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May 2020 VIP Vendor: Aztec Software