IBM SkillsBuild is a free digital platform that connects adult learners with a curated path of job-focused learning. The platform has been customized for COABE so that our members can track their students progress as they make their way through the badges and credentials. Users will be able to showcase their badges and credentials on LinkedIn, their job transcripts, and resumes.

Learn more about the Present with Purpose Relaunch and watch the webinar replay with Presenter Coach, Sarah Goldammer.

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Field tested by multiple pilot sites, the IBM SkillsBuild platform has a customized COABE Adult Education channel to help your learners develop technology and professional skills to increase their employability. Jump start this opportunity in your local program and track your students progress via dynamic reports as they make their way through the various badges and credentials! You will gain hands-on experience and a working knowledge of the platform when you watch the short webinar video here.

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The “Present With Purpose” credential is required for first time presenters, and strongly recommended for all presenters to complete. Presenters that attain certification will be recognized in the conference program and app.

Watch this short video that provides an overview to the “Present With Purpose” platform.


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