Center of Excellence


In July 2021, the United States Department of Labor launched four Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Technical Assistance (TA) Centers of Excellence to support RAP expansion and modernization and provide TA on a national level. COABE will serve as a dissemination partner for the Center for Strategic Partnerships and System Alignment for the Center of Excellence for Apprenticeships.


Mission: To more rapidly and effectively align RAP with our nation’s workforce and educational systems and accelerate RAP adoption by industry.

Focus: The Center has four primary areas of focus:

  • Developing sustainable partnerships for workforce, education, and employer alignment
  • Providing TA on a national scope
  • Engaging key stakeholders
  • Coordinating with federal and state investments

Approach: The Center will identify and disseminate proven local innovation in strategic partnerships and system alignment to accelerate RAP adoption and scale nationally. Our work will initially focus on California, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, and Texas, and will expand to a minimum of five additional states over the course of four years.

Technical assistance products and services will be developed by the team and disseminated by COABE to the field of adult education.

Additional National Partners:

  • Safal Partners
  • National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP)
  • Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA)
  • National Disability Institute (NDl)


America’s labor market is undergoing seismic change. Multiple forces including the pace of technology growth, demographic shifts, impacts of COVID-19, and talent gaps in critical fields and occupations are forcing employers to re-evaluate their workforce development. Forward-thinking organizations are turning to apprenticeship as a key component of their strategy to recruit, train, and retain workers to maintain competitive advantage.

Large-scale modernization of RAP to align with industry demands and rapid scaling nationwide relies on better integration with our nation’s workforce and education systems. To achieve that goal the Center’s TA production and dissemination will aim to:

  • facilitate partnership building and connectivity across workforce systems.
  • support new RAP development.
  • create talent pipelines including pre-apprenticeship models and career pathways.
  • accelerate integrated service delivery.
  • inform new policy recommendations and development at the federal and state level.


We are looking for workforce, education, and industry partners to participate in the Center’s work. To join in the Center’s work, please consider:

  • sharing your organization’s and/or state’s best practices and challenges in RAP adoption and integration.
  • disseminating TA materials.
  • facilitating connections with your partners.

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