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Recent Webinars

Got a Robotics ESL Class? Tyson Does! Contextualized ESL for Learners in Advanced Manufacturing

September 14, 2023

Presented By: Anson Green

Digital literacy is hot! But the focus has largely been navigating the PC, internet and MS Office. Learners are often using very different digital tools at work, like digital tape measures, scanners, apps, and even robots. These tools are proliferating in jobs across all sectors, making work safer, more efficient, and quicker. Learn how to keep learners competitive for current jobs and how English learners at Tyson are developing digital skills for robotic automation.

Using Technology to Drive Outcomes for Adult Learners: Real-World Success Stories From the Classroom

September 11, 2023

Presented By:Katie Brown, Rachel Riggs, Sarah Cacicio, & Fatma Ghailan

For several decades, technology has been touted as a solution to many of the issues in adult education. From increasing equity and access to driving measurable outcomes, we have called on technology to do a lot of heavy lifting. This panel presentation will include experts in adult learning, technology-mediated instruction, and workforce education who will share best practices, lessons learned, and tips for successfully introducing technology into your instructional model.

Getting Your ELL Classroom Ready: Best Practices and Instructional Strategies for High-Level Engagement

September 6, 2023

Presented By: Dr. Christine Smith & Manuela Petit

Adult education providers strive to build a learning environment that encourages a high level of engagement, drives motivation, and builds confidence for all their learners. However, when optimizing instruction for Adult Language Learners, there are a unique set of challenges to consider. Join Engen for an informative back-to-school session that focuses on the “how” for implementing effective strategies that create success for both learner and educator in an ELL classroom. In this webinar, participants will explore lesson planning for differentiation and personalization, learn how to use diagnostic insights to support student growth and empower learners, and identify daily instructional strategies that support blended learning and more. Join our professional learning experts for an engaging and informative discussion. Participants will see concrete examples and learn best practices for ELL instruction just in time for school to begin.

Using a Career Readiness App to Teach Finance, Digital, and Work Skills

August 30, 2023

Presented By: Vinod Lobo and Drew Robinson

Are you ready to transform your ESL and ABE classes with a cutting-edge Career Readiness app? Join our interactive webinar session and discover how our smartphone-based instruction empowers learners with essential financial knowledge, real-world digital literacy skills, and crucial work/life coaching. Witness firsthand how students can prepare for success anytime, anywhere, with engaging audiovisual lessons and interactive games that provide immediate feedback. Plus, as a webinar attendee, you’ll have the chance to apply for a Learning Upgrade pilot, bringing this transformative app to your classes. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ignite a passion for learning and equip your learners for a future full of possibilities!

How Delivery Impacts Literacy Instruction

August 23, 2023

Presented By: Dan Griffith & Charlie Weeks

Teaching literacy to adults can be challenging. Teaching it remotely adds a significant layer of complexity. This webinar will look at the key differences between teaching literacy skills in a face-to-face setting versus a remote, digital setting. Strategies for addressing these differences will be provided. Each participant will be provided, upon request, free access to Essential Education’s Professional Development course “Identifying and Remediating Reading Skill Difficulties.” Join us for this impactful webinar!

Jumpstarting Growth Sector English Language Pre-Apprenticeships

August 21, 2023

Presented By: Tadd Wamester & Chris Heuston

During this webinar, we will explore and develop models for accelerated English language pre-apprenticeships that provide ELL/AEL populations with on-ramps to growth-sector, work-based learning programs. You will hear directly from expert apprenticeship practitioners about the demand for qualified apprentices and how adult education programs can help to build a pipeline of students for opportunity and advancement.

Entrepreneurship Bridges & IETs for the Innovation & Gig Economy

August 9, 2023

Presented By:Dr. Cheryl Ayers, Jordan Reeves, Sarah Goldammer, Tara Schwab, Jessica Untch, and Errick Baldwin

The Innovation and Gig Economy is here to stay, so it is important to prepare adult learners with an entrepreneurial mindset and innovation-based workforce-readiness skills to productively participate in it as employees and/or entrepreneurs. Join the conversation and ask questions about integrating entrepreneurship education and certifications across adult education programs for more empowered, prosperous employment outcomes. A collection of helpful resources and best practices will be shared, including the annual COABE Online Entrepreneurship Institute for Adult Educators & Service Providers and the U.S. Entrepreneurship Certification Examinations available in HS/HSE/IET, ABE/ESL, and Spanish versions. Previous COABE Institute participants from around the country who have already started Entrepreneurship Bridges and Integrated Education and Training (IET) programs will share strategies and tips on how to get started.

Helping Students Stay: Retention in the Classroom

July 31, 2023

Presented By: Amber Fornaciari, Illinois Professional Development Network   |  Anita Kerr, Illinois Professional Development Network

Retention is a constant challenge in adult education! Students face barriers to retention that are outside of our control, so this session addresses issues teachers can influence, from the moment they receive rosters to the last day of class. We will explore recent research on student persistence, introduce practical strategies to improve retention, and prompt teachers to consider their own classroom retention data. Enjoy collaboration and sharing with others while tackling this perennial challenge!

Supporting Internationally Trained Professionals in Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) Activities Supporting Internationally Trained Professionals in Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) Activities 

July 13, 2023

Presented By: Jessie Stadd, Debra Means-West & Travis Combs

Join Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE), the Enhancing Access for Refugees and New Americans project, and World Education Services (WES) Global Talent Bridge to learn more about newly developed resources designed to support the inclusion of internationally educated immigrants and refugees. Adult education programs often provide English language acquisition services to Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs). Specifically, Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) activities provide the potential to serve ITPs in a customized and strategic manner. This webinar will provide adult educators with information on serving ITPs in IELCE/IET Career Pathways, identifying promising practices, and advising and instructing ITPs through customized programs and services.

Integrating Digital Literacy in HSE Instruction: A Free Resource from Essential Education

June 27, 2023

Presented By: Dan Griffith & Charlie Weeks

Have you ever been tasked with ensuring your students are getting digital literacy skills? Teachers are regularly asked to integrate digital literacy (DL) skills into their classrooms, but very little has been provided on how to do it. To address this issue, Essential Education has created a powerful guide that includes teaching strategies, lesson plans, and pacing guides to help adult education teachers seamlessly provide DL skills to their students. This free guide will be available to all participants and will be added to Essential Education’s growing library of teacher support tools.

New Measurable Skill Gains Models are Coming: Are You Ready?

June 13, 2023

Presented By: Anson Green, Maria Oliveri, Dr. Jen Vanek & Javier Suárez-Álvarez 

Satisfied with current NRS tests? Probably not. Come learn what the future of Measurable Skill Gains assessment looks like. Assessment researchers and leading adult education practitioners will describe how revolutionary new methods are being applied to support the next generation of NRS assessments under a Department of Education project. Skills developed in IET and workplace learning tasks are hard to measure. This webinar will describe how future assessments will be closely aligned to close this gap.

Characteristics of a Highly Effective Adult Education Program

May 10, 2023

Presented By: Lara Pastore

As a state, Indiana regularly performs at high levels on outcomes such as MSGs, certifications, and HSE credentials. This can be attributed to strong programs and directors at the local level. Over the course of several months, Indiana state leadership brought together directors from a variety of high-performing programs to learn their secrets and to understand what practices were instrumental to their success. Their responses were then used to create a guide for program excellence.

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