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Recent Webinars

Does Your Digital Strategy Need a Reboot?

September 23, 2020

Presented By: Dr. Mary Gaston

Adult Educators across the country did some amazing work trying to meet the needs of their learners in response to COVID-19. For most of us, that was Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT). We’ve had time to reflect, and we understand that ERT is something different than distance learning. Going forward, we need to be more prepared, more intentional, and more comfortable. We need a reboot! This webinar highlights some national initiatives, resources, and tools that adult educators can use to enhance their digital literacy programming and services anytime, but especially in times such as these.

Teaching Digital Literacy Standards Remotely

September 16, 2020

Presented By: Vinod Lobo & Drew Robinson

See the highly anticipated new Digital Literacy course in the Learning Upgrade app which teaches digital literacy standards. This engaging course addresses a wide range of skills including content creation, messaging, privacy, and security. Students can enroll remotely using their smartphones and personal devices, then complete lessons at their own pace. Instructors can track and monitor all student activity online, and gain actionable insights in real-time.

Back to School Remote Learning Action Plan

September 11, 2020

Presented By: Vinod Lobo & Drew Robinson

Learning Upgrade has a plan to help you continue delivering education remotely without direct student contact. With many education providers now required to teach exclusively online, our plan enables you to provide all steps of instruction remotely with students using their smartphones and personal devices.

Preparing Adult English Language Learners for the Workforce: Models and Resources

September 4, 2020

Presented By: Leecy Wise

Skills integration is not a new concept; however, the practice has new focus after WIOA legislation changed requirements for its government-funded programs. Currently, those programs are required to implement Integrated Education and Training (IET) to accelerate learning and place native and non-native speakers into jobs earlier and better prepared than before. This webinar will define WIOA expectations, evaluate five models that meet those expectations, and explore instructional strategies and resources to make it all happen.

Working Together: How Adult Educators and Workforce Development Boards Must Collaborate for Adult Learners

August 31, 2020

Presented By: Jesse McCree

Adult Educators, would you like to learn some tools and tips for ways to work with your workforce development boards? More than ever, it is important for adult educators and workforce boards to develop meaningful collaboration to better serve adult learners. Join us for this interactive webinar where you will hear from expert, Jesse McCree, CEO of SPA Works.

Supporting Enhancements to the NRS: Your Opportunity to Contribute

August 28, 2020

Presented By: Anson Green, Sharon Bonney, Jody Angelone & Laurie Kierstead-Joseph

Do you have ideas to make the NRS reporting system for adult education more effective? Share them with the US Department of Education! OCTAE currently has changes to the NRS out for public comment which means they are looking for your suggestions! This webinar will explain what changes are up for consideration, how to contribute, and what others are suggesting.

Building Integrated Employment and Training Programs for ELLs in the Virtual Space

August 27, 2020

Presented By: Katie Nielson, Ph.D. & Tadd Wamester

The pandemic has made it clear that high-quality, virtual learning is now a necessity, and it has highlighted the need to address issues of access and equity, especially with chronically underserved populations. While there is a national focus on apprenticeship and other workforce development programs, they have too often left English language learners behind. Come join this webinar to learn how to create English language onramps for existing job skills programs, effectively integrating employment and training programs for non-native speakers entering healthcare, manufacturing, food and beverage, and other in-demand career fields. Drawing on decades of research and experience in the fields of adult learning, immigrant integration, and workforce training, this webinar will offer relevant, practical advice to organizations looking to quickly and effectively upskill and reskill English learners with the tools they need for career development and economic mobility.

Make Your Voice Heard! Why Advocacy Works and How You Can Get Involved at All Levels of Government

August 26, 2020

Presented By: Sharon Bonney, Dr. Don Finn, Jody Angelone, Audrey Pittman & Danica Petroshius

Exciting news – Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston, Texas, is engaging with COABE to support Adult Education. We want to continue this momentum and get mayors (and all policymakers) across the country to join us in our efforts to support and advocate for Adult Education.

The webinar will prepare advocates to contact their mayors, governors, and federal Members of Congress during Adult Education and Family Literacy Week (September 20 to September 26). We’ll begin with the inside scoop from Washington, D.C. on the state of COVID-19 relief and the appropriations process. We will cover tips for being an effective advocate and explain why your voice, as adult educators and administrators in the field, truly makes a difference. The webinar will also showcase best practices and examples from a local Adult Education program and from a state association. Join us to raise your voices on behalf of all adult teachers and students!

Building IETs that work: Views from Inside and Outside the Classroom

August 24, 2020

Presented By: Mary Jo Chmielewski & Wendy Scheder Black

One IET program will be used as a case study to shine a spotlight on the best practices that contribute to IET success. Hear what our Automated Industrial Technology IBEST students think are the most beneficial aspects of this IET for them; then learn what instructional and structural strategies guided these student successes. Through this closer look at best practices in collaborative instruction and program implementation, participants will take away essential strategies for IET success.

How to Learn Science through Open Resource!

August 19, 2020

Presented By: Leecy Wise

OER are increasingly being developed and adopted by educational programs and institutions. OER save money, but they also provide ideal learning tools. In science, a process-oriented field, students benefit from free access to well-developed instructions, illustrations, games, and animations showing how things work. In open classrooms, students learn to modify and republish those sources for others to emulate. (We learn what we teach!) Using OER creates win-win scenarios, and this webinar will show you how!

Now They Understand! Easy and Effective Pronunciation Instruction for Beginning Level

August 13, 2020

Presented By: Andrea Echelberger

Does pronunciation instruction have a place in the beginning level ESL classroom? Yes! In this workshop, participants will identify three pronunciation features that impact intelligibility and are beneficial for a variety of first language backgrounds. Participants will leave with classroom activities and routines that are easily integrated into beginning level language instruction.

Helping Your Adult Learners Beat Test Stress

July 31, 2020

Presented By: Cynthia Macleay Campbell

Many adult learners struggle with test stress, and their true abilities do not get reflected in their test scores. To help our adult learners reach their goals, we must address test stress directly and strategically with them. We will explore various methods to help our learners BEAT test stress, including on computer! Each attendee will receive a FREE PDF sample of the Beating Test Stress customizable booklet for adult learners.

Learning to Remember: Teaching Memory Strategies in Adult Education

July 24, 2020

Presented By: Sarah Goldammer

Focus and memory are essential life and work skills. Teaching our students to improve their focus and increase their memory capacity could be the most important topic we teach! Learn what the research on memory says, how we can use research to inform instruction, and have fun learning to remember! Classroom ideas and resources will be shared. Maximize your potential AND the potential of your students.

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