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Recent Webinars

Reading and Writing Poetry in Adult Education

June 13, 2022

Presented By:Carrie Colladay Stell

Reading a good poem draws us in and opens us up. Discussing poems in adult education classrooms elicits critical thinking and comprehension skills – crucial for passing high school equivalency tests. Reading and writing poems encourages social and emotional learning, heightening connection with others and increasing self-awareness — crucial for a good life. During this webinar, we will discuss and demonstrate strategies, resources, and lesson plans for teaching poetry in face-to-face and remote classrooms.

Teaching With Webb's Depth of Knowledge in Mind for High School Equivalency Test Success!

June 3, 2022

Presented By: Steve Schmidt

Most GED® and HiSET® high school equivalency test questions are at Webb’s Depth of Knowledge levels 2 and 3. How can we help our students successfully answer these cognitively challenging questions? In this interactive session, you will learn several evidence-based teaching strategies that will help your students survive and thrive when tackling these tricky test questions.

A Comprehensive Look at Accommodations; How to Start the Conversation

May 24, 2022

Presented By: Kevin Baas & Catherine Greseth

Join Catherine Greseth, executive director of the Workforce Diversity Network of the Black Hills and Kevin Baas, HR director with Holiday Inn, as they explain how to start the conversation regarding accommodations and what they may include. Learn how to help students/employees with disabilities advocate to create the productive, efficient workplace environments where they thrive. This webinar will include rights under the ADA, how to request and negotiate workplace accommodations, and how instructors can help students learn to navigate the process plus so much more.

Contextualized Teaching and Learning for Integrated Education and Training (IET)

May 23, 2022

Presented By: Ron Cruz

Contextualized Teaching and Learning (CTL) is critical to the success of any Integrated Education and Training (IET) program. Learn about its critical components, implementation, and supporting research to ensure student success in these programs. Explore how CTL is applied in full display through demonstrations, hands-on activities, sample lessons, and other resources developed by Florida adult educators. Discuss strategic considerations for starting or expanding CTL at your school and network with other experts for solutions.

Integrated Education and Training - A Teacher's Guide to Building and Surviving an IET!

May 13, 2022

Presented By: Jana Jenkins

Integrated Education and Training (IET) has become a useful strategy to help adult education students and others improve their necessary and occupational skills while meeting the local workforce development requirements and needs. However, building an IET can be daunting for teachers. In this webinar, we will address teaching models, integrating standards, and contextualization. Participants will review “Things to Consider” while planning and implementing an IET with fidelity!

Refugee Upskilling With Mobile, WhatsApp, and Learning Upgrade

May 4, 2022

Presented By: Vinod Lobo & Drew Robinson

You can now serve large numbers of refugees and immigrants in your community with a breakthrough smartphone-based learning model. Developed through a successful global deployment with Afghan refugees, the Learning Upgrade Refugee Program uses WhatsApp to onboard large numbers of refugees and create learning community groups. Staff or volunteer coaches enroll learners into courses covering English ESL, math, test prep, and job skills. Learners use smartphones at home to complete engaging lessons for rapid growth to reach their goals of proficiency, GED, higher ed, and better jobs.

Providers using this new model have documented a 4x rate of learning with 1 year of growth in 3 months. Join us to learn about this exciting new model and receive access to a no-cost pilot for your program.

Adult Education Advocacy in Action: A Strategic and Powerful Approach to Making Legislative Change Happen

April 22, 2022

Presented By: Jeffrey Abramowitz, J.D.

This webinar will take a dive into how to be a better advocate for adult education through thinking strategically, building capacity for change, and defining and evaluating successful advocacy efforts locally, regionally, and nationally. We will explore tips and tricks that can help you in advocating for additional programmatic and funding support for adult learners. Building an advocacy game plan, coalition building, and intentional communication campaigns will be considered and explored. Finally, understanding and defining advocacy success will be discussed as we help you to become an awesome advocate for yourself, your colleagues, and students across the country. Numerous resources and tools will be reviewed and shared for your immediate use.

Bringing Advocacy Into the Classroom

April 20, 2022

Presented By: Kathryn Davis

Meet the adult learners where they are in their lives, but also be the advocate to help them improve their lives, and instill the confidence needed for them to be their own advocate as well. Developing advocacy skills can empower them to go beyond their own simple goals, proving to themselves and others they CAN do anything that they set their mind to!

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