COABE is hiring! Ambassador Coordinator position is now open

We are looking for a competent Ambassador Training Coordinator to undertake a variety of administrative and program coordination tasks to support COABE’s award winning Ambassador Initiative.  You will help in planning and organizing programs and activities as well as carry out important operational duties related to Ambassadors and Student Engagement. This position will require remote work with existing office infrastructure at your home.

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Bring Student Leaders to COABE 2020 in Baltimore!

COABE’s Student Engagement Strand promotes the notion that engaged learners become leaders in their classrooms and community. Student attendees will have the opportunity to network, and learn about what works in adult basic education along with professional educators and fellow student presenters. Learners who play this kind of leadership role at a national conference persist to success because they transform the way they see themselves – key stakeholders and experts in the field of adult basic education. This gives them a boost in self-esteem along with knowledge, skills, and abilities for their future endeavors in transitioning to higher education and careers. The range of topics covered in this strand is aimed at audiences from across the field of adult education with student perspectives and voice as the central focus. 

The Ambassadors Train the Trainer pre-conference session is designed to provide hands-on training for adult education teams (admin/staff/student) from around the country who want to develop advocacy leaders for their states. Ambassadors representational leadership training program focuses on the development of student voice and provides adult learners a recognized role in which they can publicly speak about their own experience and represent the common interests and needs of others. Student ambassadors develop confidence and skills that transfer to personal, academic, and professional lives. The training provides teams a foundation with four crucial components of representational leadership for adult basic education. Awareness – statistics and research. Stories – a powerful tool to affect change. Public speaking – crafting a message and delivering it effectively. Meeting with officials – planning and facilitating a meeting with a person in power. 

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The 65,000+ adult education leaders stand united in a national campaign to move learning opportunities forward for all Americans to achieve economic mobility. If you are an adult educator stand with us in this educational campaign to help funders understand the value we bring to students, workers and businesses in contributing to social mobility and economic growth. If we educate, then we elevate.

“I’m a huge supporter of the Ambassador Training Program and believe it empowers students to find their voice and tell their story. While this is very powerful for advocacy efforts, even more important for the individual students is that it helps them build important life and employability skills such as confidence, leadership, communication and self-efficacy. ”

Sheryl Hart, Arizona State Director

Calling All Adult Education Directors, Instructors, and Student Leaders

Ambassadors become representational leaders by developing their voice so they can effectively represent other students and take action for social change on issues they care about.

COABE’s Student Engagement Task Force wants to establish teams of trainers from programs around the country.

Ambassador Training 4 Components

  • Awareness–statistics and research about the value of adult basic education
  • Stories–most powerful tool to effect change
  • Public speaking–message and delivery
  • Meeting with officials–planning, practicing, facilitating meetings with people in power


  • Develop role and identity as a representational leader
  • Provide students with skills for college and career success
  • Increase visibility of adult education
  • Offer networking for students–current and alumni