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Adult Learner
Small Group
Medium Group
Large Group

Individual Membership–$45 per year

Individual membership benefits extend to all members and are as follows:
a) Discounted national conference registration
b) Opportunity to participate in awards, incentive grants, and scholarships (over $10,000 given annually)
c) Access to legislators who control the funding through our quick fire Ignite software
d) Access to and the opportunity to submit a manuscript for the COABE Journal which is the resource for adult educators and administrators
e) Ongoing communiques from COABE with information on trending practices
f) Access to more than 50 professional development webinars annually
g) Opportunity to attend the virtual conference and enjoy the networking, sessions, gamification, and exhibit hall
h) Opportunity participate in the nominations and elections process which determines the future leadership

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Adult Learner Membership–FREE

Individual Adult Learner Membership

Adult learners have an amazing story to tell! COABE adult learner membership benefits include:

  • Network with adult learners from around the country
  • Amazon job opportunities
  • Access to free life insurance for 1 year ($60,000 value)
  • Eligible to be nominated for COABE’s Outstanding Adult Learner of the Year Award worth $2,000
  • Make your voice heard with legislators to help increase funding to adult education
  • Adult learners currently in adult learner programs that are seeking their HSE, learning English, learning how to use the computer, or other adult ed specific learning opportunities can attend the COABE National Conference for free.

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Group Adult Learner Membership

Local program administrators, coordinators, and teachers:

  • Encourage your adult learners and program alumni to become COABE members! It’s FREE to them and they will become part of a network of adult learners and alumni lending their voices to our mission. Student and alumni members will have access to advocacy training, materials, and opportunities which may lead to increased program funding! Other benefits include employment networks, life insurance, and other benefits yet to be added.
  • It is easy for you, free for them, and powerful for the field as we increase our collective impact. 
  • Email completed group template to

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Small Group Membership

Individuals enrolled under a small group membership enjoy all of the savings and discounts as regular members.

Affiliate Group Membership
• 5 individuals $150, Save $25 ($30 per person)

Small Group Membership
• 10 individuals $300, Save $50 ($30 per person)


Medium Group Membership

Individuals enrolled under a medium group membership enjoy all of the savings and discounts as regular members.

Medium Group Membership
• 25 individuals $700, Save $175 ($28 per person)


Large Group Membership

Individuals enrolled under a large group membership enjoy all of the savings and discounts. The more individuals you enroll, the greater the savings per member. There is no cap on the number of individuals that can join for your group membership.

Large Group Membership
• 50 individuals $1,200, Save $550
• 100 individuals ($24 per person) $1,200, Save $1,100
• 200 individuals ($6 per person) $1,200, Save $5,800
• 300 individuals ($4 per person) $1,200, Save $9,300
• 400 individuals ($3 per person) $1,200, Save $12,800
• 500 individuals ($2.40 per person) $1,200, Save $16,300

Group membership template

COABE offers your state association the following association benefits:
b) Advocacy plug in for state level advocacy work
c) Streamlined awards process to ensure your state level winners are considered for our national level awards
d) FREE or extremely discounted web site services
e) Membership renewal support
f) State Conference guidance at no charge
g) Educate and Elevate award winning state fact sheets
h) Access to our award winning Ambassador Program
i) Ability to enroll all of your members, including adult learners as members of COABE!

Membership Benefits

Join COABE today!
  • Educate and Elevate Award Winning ToolsAccess our award winning campaign toolkit which enables you to educate the public, funders, and legislators about your and our important work of changing lives through adult education.
  • Quick Access to LegislatorsAs a field, we united to let legislators know that adult education changes lives and stimulates the economy. Legislators listened and added $82 million and staved off $200 million in funding cuts to our WIOA Title II funding stream. We must continue to contact them!
  • National AwardsDo you know an outstanding educator, administrator, or adult learner? COABE awards $2,000 per winner each year!
  • Adult Educator ResourcesFind lesson plans, apps, videos, and much more or upload your own to share with other adult educators!

Special Group Membership Benefits

  • COABE Contact NetworkOpportunity to participate in the COABE contact network
  • Membership BuildingCo-branded membership building opportunities