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Membership Benefits

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  • Educate and Elevate Award Winning ToolsAccess our award winning campaign toolkit which enables you to educate the public, funders, and legislators about your and our important work of changing lives through adult education.
  • Quick Access to LegislatorsAs a field, we united to let legislators know that adult education changes lives and stimulates the economy. Legislators listened and added $35 million to our WIOA Title II funding stream. We must continue to contact them.
  • National AwardsDo you know an outstanding educator, administrator, or adult learner? COABE awards $10,000 per winner each year!
  • Adult Educator ResourcesFind lesson plans, apps, videos, and much more or upload your own to share with other adult educators!
  • Google PartnershipParticipate in one of the Google FREE Applied Digital Skills Boot Camps that is taking place in every state over the next year. You'll receive digital literacy tools to work with adult learners.
  • 2020 COABE National ConferenceThis year's conference will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, April 5-8, 2020. Enjoy our members-only, $75 off registration discount.
  • Conference Mini GrantsWith generous funding provided by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, COABE will award fifty mini grants to defray registration costs to our national conference.
  • Professional DevelopmentEach month you will have the opportunity to join our professional development webinars where you will hear from expert national level presenters on trending topics.
  • JournalAccess the best research by leading researchers in our field! Download your free e-publication quarterly or purchase a hard copy at a discounted members-only rate.
  • Amazon Career ChoiceThe "Reducing Barriers to Employment" initiative enables adult learners to apply for jobs they would otherwise not be eligible for, making $15–$19 per hour, plus retirement package plus, "College Choice" where Amazon will pay for 80%–95% of their education. Amazon also hosts site visits and field trips, enabling adult learners to tour the facility.

Special Group Membership Benefits

  • COABE Contact NetworkOpportunity to participate in the COABE contact network
  • Membership BuildingCo-branded membership building opportunities
  • Membership BenefitsMembership benefits extended to all individual members at a fraction of the cost (2 for 1)
  • Insurance BenefitsGreatly reduced Director's and Officers insurance

Learn what type of membership is best for you

Adult Learner
Small Group
Medium Group
Large Group

Individual Membership–$45 per year

Become an individual member of COABE and you will be eligible to view/receive access to our new educational webinars from some of the top presenters at our national conference, download the COABE Journal which has been a major voice in adult education for the last 40 years, access to the nationwide bulletin board to find or post-employment opportunities, obtain discounts on conference registration, access to the Adult Educator’s Repository, vote in the COABE elections, have the opportunity to receive grants, scholarships, and awards.


Adult Learner Membership–FREE

Adult learners have an amazing story to tell! We want legislators, funders, and the general public to hear about your successes and your journey. When you join COABE, you amplify our voice from 55,000 practitioners to include the 1.5 million adult learners in the adult education system. Sign up today to reap the benefits of membership.


Small Group Membership

Individuals enrolled under a small group membership enjoy all of the savings and discounts as regular members.

Affiliate Group Membership
• 5 individuals $150, Save $25 ($30 per person)

Small Group Membership
• 10 individuals $300, Save $50 ($30 per person)


Medium Group Membership

Individuals enrolled under a medium group membership enjoy all of the savings and discounts as regular members.

Medium Group Membership
• 25 individuals $700, Save $175 ($28 per person)


Large Group Membership

Individuals enrolled under a large group membership enjoy all of the savings and discounts. The more individuals you enroll, the greater the savings per member. There is no cap on the number of individuals that can join for your group membership.

Large Group Membership
• 50 individuals $1,200, Save $550
• 100 individuals ($24 per person) $1,200, Save $1,100
• 200 individuals ($6 per person) $1,200, Save $5,800
• 300 individuals ($4 per person) $1,200, Save $9,300
• 400 individuals ($3 per person) $1,200, Save $12,800
• 500 individuals ($2.40 per person) $1,200, Save $16,300


Joining your state as a member of COABE has many benefits including discounted Directors and Officer’s liability insurance, access to the award winning ambassador program, deep discounts for your members, and so much more. Click here to view the benefits. Click here to view our state members.

  • State Advocacy Plug In
    Your state may wish to engage in state level advocacy, and COABE has just the tool to support your efforts through the Ignite/quick fire service.
  • Website Support
    Your state may wish to engage in state level advocacy, and COABE has just the tool to support your efforts through the Ignite/quick fire service.
  • Membership Renewal Support
    Do you find it is difficult to bring on new members as well as difficult to maintain your membership lists? COABE is here to help! Contact our office for details.
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
    This benefit has been developed specifically for administrators and state leaders. Through a special partnership, you can take advantage of extremely reduced rates for directors and officers liability insurance.
  • Streamlined Awards Process
    We would love to consider your state level award winners for our national level awards that we give for teachers, administrators, adult learners, state leaders, workforce partners, and advocates! Submit your winners at
  • Conference Guidance and Promotion
    Our organization holds a national and virtual conference annually, and we are happy to share best practices we have learned over the years. Additionally, as a benefit of your membership in COABE, we can also promote your conference on our website, and in our newsletter.
  • Ambassador Training
    The award winning national Ambassador Training equips adult learners and state leaders to share their story with legislators, funders, and the general public. If your state has not participated, contact us for funding opportunities.

Additional Membership Payment Options

Prefer to pay by check? No problem! Just download and complete a hard-copy membership application.


Checks: Fill out the hard-copy membership form and mail to COABE, PO Box 1820, Cicero, NY 13039. Please make check payable to “COABE”.


Purchase Orders: Fill out the hard-copy membership form. Please fax your purchase order and completed membership form to the COABE office at 866-541-5129 or email to