The Brand Amplifier
for Workforce & Education Professionals

Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself:


Are you tired of being the best kept secret?


Are your enrollment numbers down?


Do you understand how to cost-effectively recruit underserved and under-represented populations?


Do you lack the marketing staff and resources to attract potential adult learners or engage employers?


Do you know how to apply the Department of Labor’s Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 03-23 regarding marketing guidelines for WIOA-funded organizations?

Meet Your Instructor

Celina Shands, CEO/Founder

Full Capacity Marketing, Inc.

What does the
10-module course cover?

The online self-paced course comes with templates, case studies and tools to help you build a tailored and doable marketing and communications plan. Click on the flyer or here to access learning outcomes and descriptions.

The Brand Amplifier for
Workforce & Education Professionals

Why Take This Course?

Adult education and workforce programs need to build their marketing and outreach capacity to garner the much needed recognition of the system’s work to capture its share of funding, keep student enrollments full, and engage employers and partners within their unique markets. However, traditional marketing classes are geared toward either for-profit companies which lack the much-needed context for workforce and education professionals. COABE has tapped our marketing partner and 20+ year expert in our system, Full Capacity Marketing, to develop a course that is tailored to address our most pressing needs like

• limited outreach funding;
• lack of staff knowledge in using data to market effectively;
• juggling multiple priorities and often silos;
• how to key performance indicators to know if your marketing is working; and most recently,
• how WIOA-funded organizations can leverage the Department of Labor Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 03-23 to pay for marketing including digital, advertising and other critical strategies.

Who should take this course?

• Workforce & Education Leaders
• Administrators
• Teachers
• Counselors
• Outreach Specialists
• Employer Engagement Specialists
• Job Developers
• Case Managers
• Marketing Managers

How do I register?

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