Employment Bulletin Board


Sacramento County Office of Education

Director, Adult Education

Under general direction, manages and provides oversight for regional and state adult education projectsand services, including the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN), California Adult EducationProgram  Technical  Assistance  Project  (CAEP  TAP),  and  Capital  Adult  Education Regional  Consortium(CAERC); represents Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) in matters pertaining to adult edu-cation assessment, curriculum, instruction, and program evaluation; identifies and secures funding to sup-port adult education projects and services; performs other related duties as assigned.


ESL Consultant

CSMlearn is seeking an ESL expert consultant. We’re applying for a grant to add ESL capabilities the existing CSM Course – this will personalize instruction in Spanish-English ESL, while also building academic content skills in math, literacy, and problem-solving.  The primary technique involved will be to maintain the student at their Zone of Proximal Development simultaneously in both content and language. The project is targeted at high schoolers and adults with Intermediate to Advanced ELL. 

We’re looking for one or more consultants with deep knowledge of ESL theory (and knowledge of Content-Based Instruction would be a plus), or experience with the implementation of ESL curriculum (especially technology-based) in secondary schools, postsecondary education or adult education. Academics, expert practitioners, others – are all welcome.

The first phase of this work will involve a few hours per month (approximately 20 hours) for 2020, and will be compensated at your typical consultancy rates. Please send us a resume, and if possible, a paragraph describing how you think that you can contribute. We’re working against a tight grant deadline, and so a quick reply is appreciated.

If you’d like background on the currently English-only CSM Course, please visit www.csmlearn.com.

Please contact david.goldberg@csmlearn.com for more information. 


Coastal Alabama Community College

Director of Adult Education

The Director of Adult Education provides global program leadership and direction for the adult education programs at Coastal Alabama Community College; plans, develops, implements and evaluates all aspects of the program and personnel. Oversees the supervision of instructors, academic and administrative assistants. 



Provide assistance to agency staff from Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)-funded and other-funded adult education agencies, schools, community colleges, workforce development, community-based organizations, prisons, and other agencies.

College of Lake County


The ABE/ASE Instructor is a tenure-track faculty position reporting to the Dean of Adult Education and ESL Division. Primary instruction areas are Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education (ASE), and transition courses under Bridge to Careers and Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System (ICAPS) programs. The ABE/ASE program helps students earn their high school equivalency and helps prepare students for college and a career. It is part of the educational pathway from ABE/ASE instruction, post-secondary education, and career training. Other responsibilities include academic advisement, curriculum development and coordination with the academic divisions for transition programs, recruitment and retention, service on college and division committees, and compliance with ICCB Adult Education professional development, performance, and other ICCB requirements.

National Skills Coalition


The state network manager will work with the State Network Director, other NSC staff, and state partners to support the development and promotion of NSC’s SkillSPAN (Skills State Policy Advocacy Network) – a first ‐ever national network of state coalitions working to advance state skills policies. The state network manager will work to coordinate NSC staff capacities to provide customized technical assistance to state coalitions toward policy impacts. The state network manager will also help the state team develop policy peer learning opportunities across state coalitions.

Literacy CNY


The Executive Director is responsible for the leadership and implementation of the organization’s strategic mission as determined by the Board; supervises staff, contractors, and volunteers; and manages the daily operations of a multi-faceted not-for- profit organization that provides adult basic education and English language instruction to adult students via one-to-one volunteer/student tutoring, and small-group classroom instruction.