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Legislative Talking Points

Adult education can be highly effective in preparing students for the world of work by teaching them contextualized workplace competencies and study skills that help them to become lifelong learners. These competencies are important for success in today’s economic landscape as they align students’ skills with the market demands of business and industry. As part of the Workforce System and its partners funded by the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), Adult Education provides an entry-point into job training and employment for 1.5 million adults each year by serving students with high school equivalency, industry-recognized training and credentials and wrap around services.

Media Outreach Toolkit

Your successes and the strengths that adult basic education bring to individuals, families and communities is easily overlooked by the news media and elected officials. To help you be your program’s best advocate, COABE has assembled a Media Outreach Toolkit. These tools and templates are designed to make it easier for you to offer story ideas, submit “op-ed” opinion pieces, and garner editorial and columnist support. 

Campaign Outreach Toolkit

Collective storytelling and outcomes data make an impact on policy makers in helping them understand the value we bring to their priority agendas. To help you advocate for Adult Education as an investment in America’s future, we have assembled these campaign outreach tools. These tools should help you showcase your success stories, garner press coverage, and motivate stakeholders to support adult education by contacting their legislators.