COABE Journal

About The Journal

COABE Journal: The Resource for Adult Education an open-access journal focused on innovative ideas and practitioner experience that supports the field of adult education. COABE Journal is organized around themes and published twice a year and is available for purchase.  

The COABE Journal seeks to be the resource that adult educators turn to for learning and inspiration. Researchers, advocates, administrators, teachers, and other practitioners are invited to submit manuscripts to the journal.

“COABE in general provides a lot of support via the advocacy work and the production of research and praxis items in the COABE journal. The journal really helps in seeing how adult education programs across the nation are being run. It also helps to see the vital research that is being produced to aid improving programs.”

Journal Advisory Committee, chaired by Dr. Don Finn, president and publications chair

Dr. Don Finn
Associate Professor and Chair of Adult Education Programs, Regent University School of Education (COABE Past President)

Judy Mortrude
Senior Technical Advisor, Word Education, Inc.

Michael Matos
Technology Project Manager, Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition (COABE Region 3 Rep)

Mary Gaston
Technical Assistance Specialist, SC Adult Education

Meghan McBride
Vice President, Adult Education, Georgia Piedmont Technical College (Alumni Advisor to COABE Board)

Kristin Hempel
Associate Director of Adult & Community Programs, EASTCONN (COABE Region 1 Rep)