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COABE Journal: The Resource for Adult Education an open-access journal focused on innovative ideas and practitioner experience that supports the field of adult education. COABE Journal is organized around themes and published twice a year.  

We are now accepting submission of original papers on issues related to workforce development and workforce literacy. Researchers, advocates, administrators, teachers, and other practitioners are invited to submit manuscripts to the journal.

We welcome articles on (although not exclusively):

  • Educational innovation
  • Educational strategies
  • Classroom techniques
  • Curriculum design
  • Program development
  • Partnership development
  • Learner engagement

Full details on the editorial criteria, including comprehensive instructions on how to submit a paper, can be found in the author guidelines. Any further inquiries can be directed to the editor at

Current Journal

COABE Journal Special Edition: Leadership

In this issue, we are exploring leadership. We are grateful that so many of you reflected on how leadership manifests itself in your work—in research, in partnership, in professional development, and in your classrooms. As you read these remarkable pieces, you won’t be surprised to learn that adult education leadership is collaborative, distributed, and egoless.

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COABE Journal Special Edition: Prison Literacy Edition

This Prison Literacy edition of The COABE Journal highlights programs, approaches, and professionals who work with adults currently serving or who have served time in correctional settings. These contributions are intended to generate ideas for effectively providing quality and relevant learning opportunities to those who are “behind the walls” and help them improve their experiences once they transition to life “outside the walls.”

The pieces featured in this themed edition constructively contribute to the discussion as COABE continues its mission: to inspire educators so adults succeed and communities thrive. It is my hope that as you read these contributions, you will experience a transformation in your views of the incarcerated and the programs, practices, and policies that effectively serve these adult learners.

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COABE has published a Journal for 40+ years. As a member of COABE, we invite you to access our special Career Pathways edition which features articles by the very best researchers, practitioners, and leaders in the field of Adult Education.

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COABE Journal - Call For Articles

The COABE Journal seeks to be the resource that adult educators turn to for learning and inspiration. Since the COABE Journal started using a themed format – first with Career Pathways, then Prison Literacy, and most recently with our Leadership edition, we have seen a tremendous response. The journal has amassed more than 58,000 downloads collectively. We hope you will consider sharing your expertise as we begin planning for the Spring 2020 issue.

The next edition of the COABE Journal will focus on workforce development and workforce literacy, and we would invite our membership to consider submitting articles.

Click below to submit your manuscript.  Contact with questions.

The deadline for article submissions has been extended to 02/15/20.

Submission Guidelines

Original Research and Theory to Practice submissions include original quantitative and qualitative research and/or the effective integration of educational theory to practice. The purpose of these pieces is to inspire others to apply these findings and/or practices into their adult education settings or contexts and should range between 3,000 and 5,000 words.

Instructional Practices and Learner Engagement and Program Development and Innovations submissions should focus on best innovative practices for engaging learners in instructional settings and/or programs with unique characteristics or innovative characteristics that yield exceptional adult learner outcomes. These should provide the reader with evidence of effectiveness and positive impact on adult learners that administrators and practitioners can replicate such innovations into their practice and should range between 2,000 and 5,000 words.

Innovative/Effective Material Integration submissions should focus on innovative or cutting-edge practices that integrate print, electronic, software, or other technologies that demonstrate effectiveness in student understanding and outcomes. Manuscripts should present concise overviews of the technologies/materials including relevant publication, url, or other information for acquiring/accessing the resource. Readers of these pieces should be able to effectively integrate these materials into their adult education settings with the expectation of similar learner impact and outcomes and should range between 1,000 and 2,000 words.

Review Essays should be a discussion of recently-published books or instructional materials or online instructional resources (websites, YouTube, TED Talks, etc…) that adult education administrators, practitioners, learners, or other stakeholders might find useful in their practice. These materials may include commercially available resources, however, such reviews should focus on the utility of the materials in adult education settings and should range between 800 and 1,200 words.

Reflection Essays include thoughtful discussions on issues (societal, policy, political, theoretical, etc…) and their impact on adult education administrators, practitioners, learners, or other stakeholders. These pieces may be written in first-person narrative form with the intent of provoking thoughtful reflection of the reader and should range between 1,000 and 1,200 words. Contact before you begin writing. This is an important step in the process.

Published by Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE), 2016

Increase Access to Adult Education

This report highlights several issues that can be addressed with adult education. The report goes through several economic and social issues, such as child education, poverty, health literacy, and immigrant integration, and describes how adult education can address these issues. The report also provides detailed avenues for funding to address the issue it describes. In terms of immigrant adult education, the report notes the importance of English proficiency classes, funded through WIOA, so that highly skilled immigrants can utilize their talents.

COABE Journal Past Issues

The COABE Journal seeks to be the resource that adult educators turn to for learning and inspiration. Since the COABE Journal started using a theme format – first with Career Pathways and most recently with Leadership – we have seen a tremendous response. Nearly 12,000 readers now download and use the Journal. We hope you will consider sharing your expertise as we begin planning for the Spring 2020 issue.

Journal Archives

Abstracts of research articles appearing in this journal and its predecessor, Adult Basic Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Adult Literacy Educators, are indexed by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) database: