Virtual Conference Support to State Associations, State Agencies, and Departments of Education

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Many state entities have limited budgets and will not be able to offer a state of the art virtual conference for their members due to the cost of virtual platforms and the need to have technical and graphic skills to fully utilize the virtual platform options.. For most of our large group members, their conference is their primary source of revenue which enables them to keep their doors open. With this in mind, we would like to offer a scalable option under the COABE mantle good through December 15, 2020 and available again April 1, 2021 through December 15, 2021.

Base Price: $6,000 per conference

Sessions will be available online, along with resources for one year. 

up to 25 sessions – $6,000
26-50 session – $7,000
51-75 sessions – $8,000
76-100 sessions – $9,000
100+ sessions- $10,000

Conference Website

  • Landing page with attractive graphics and customization for the conference
    • Conference at a Glance page
    • Presentations page with buttons for each session.
    • “Thank You” sponsors page

One live recorded practice session and support for presenters for each conference.

One attendee video tutorial for each conference about how to navigate the website and access sessions.

Customer service/support for attendees and presenters.

Custom eblasts (2 total for each conference).

The session buttons would link to each workshop. Workshops will be held via zoom and will have chat, Q & A, and poll capabilities. All sessions will be recorded, uploaded to the conference website and available for download following the workshop. Each session will be password protected (with one password for the entire conference), and the password will be sent in advance to all of the attendees in a custom eblast.

Meeting and Webinar Options:

Additional Services: Conference registration at $10 per registrant. 

  • Set up an online form
  • Provide customer service for registration questions
  • Provide collections services to ensure payments are made in full
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