Digital Equity Update: Online For All

Online For All: Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Week of Action 

As part of COABE’s ongoing digital equity campaign, we will continue to bring to you new opportunities and initiatives. You can learn more about our campaign (HERE).

“Online For All” is a new partnership between Civic Nation and the U.S. Department of Education to help close the digital divide by promoting high-speed internet access, affordability, and equity for students, their families, and all Americans. Online For All will bring together local community action and large-scale mobilization efforts to meet this moment and ensure that every household can get online.

“Online For All” will start off with an “Affordable Connectivity Program Week of Action” on June 14th to 22nd, 2023. Learn more and sign up.

Adult Education Involvement in Digital Equity Planning

Adult learners are part of many prioritized populations covered under the Digital Equity Act (DEA), and adult education providers play a crucial role in bridging the digital divide. If you’re interested in participating in your state’s DEA planning but unsure where to start, check out the comprehensive list of DEA administering entities and stakeholder engagement activities by state compiled by our partners at World Education entitled the Transforming Immigrant Digital Equity (TIDE). This regularly updated list will include links to State Digital Equity Plan drafts as they are released, as well as information on how you can participate in your state’s required 30-day public comment process. We encourage you to share any additional information you have about what’s happening in your state to support engagement and advocacy efforts. 

Our collective goal is to ensure that adult education is included in all state plans. Let’s make sure that our learners and our expertise are adequately represented. Please share this list with your networks or anyone who could benefit from it. Thank you for your support!