COABE Journal – Workforce Edition Spring 2020 now available!

Welcome to the Workplace Literacy edition of the COABE Journal. Why a workplace-focused edition of the journal? Adult education programs are a natural pipeline for a competent and motivated workforce, and many adult learners enter our programs with the expressed goal of improving their skills to succeed in the workplace. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) standards require that adult education programs integrate workforce competencies into their settings and partner with employers to help better prepare our learners for the workplace.

This edition of the COABE Journal features contributions from leaders in the adult education field who have taken time to share their perspectives, innovations, and successes in helping adults reach their educational and workplace goals. As you read these contributions, I am confident you will see the potential to equip yourself and your program as you serve your learners.

I frequently remind folks of COABE’s mission of inspiring educators, so adults succeed and communities thrive. Every page of this workplace-focused edition has been crafted to meet that goal. As you read, I hope that you will be inspired and gain renewed energy and great ideas to further your calling to aid your adult learners in reaching their goals.

I also wanted to say that I appreciate all of you and your excellent work, especially with the challenges brought by COVID-19. In closing, I challenge you to share what you’ve learned with your colleagues. On your social media, please post links to the articles that have inspired you and tag #COABEHQ and #AdultEdu.

I wish you well as you continue your great work in serving adult learners!

Don Finn, PhD
COABE President and Journal Chairman

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