Adult Education’s Request for $1 Billion to deal with COVID-19

We hope that you and your families are staying safe during this difficult and unprecedented time. We also hope that many of you will be able to join us for Monday’s webinar on our April 8th Virtual Hill Day. Get more info about our Virtual Capitol Hill day, and register HERE.

Today, however, I have an urgent request regarding the COVID-19 relief packages. As you may know, two COVID-19 relief packages have already been passed and have signed by the President. Congress is furiously working on the third package, while there is already talk of a fourth package. We believe strongly that adult education programs- including the adult learners and the educators who serve them- are also in dire need of economic relief. Therefore, we have prepared this letter to the leaders in Congress, asking for $1 billion in emergency funding for adult education. We ask that you use our software to send a request to your Members of Congress as soon as possible.Please do not delay- Congress is writing the language for the third COVID-19 package as we speak. Then, we encourage you to join us for our webinar to discuss our virtual Capitol Hill Day on Monday where we will explore this and additional funding measures. Thanks, as always, for your ongoing support and confidence in our leadership of the adult education community!


Sharon Bonney

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