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Upcoming Webinars

TABE-nology 2.0

DATE: Friday, January 17, 2020
TIME: 2:00PM (Eastern Time)

This webinar is a continuation of the initial TABE-nology webinar held on Aug. 16, 2019. This session will help address some of the common challenges that teachers may encounter during the initial stages of implementation of TABE® 11 & 12 such as where to start, what materials to use, and how to help students succeed in this more rigorous test. This session will focus on teaching strategies and resources that align with the technology-enhanced items and format of the test. In addition, teachers will also explore how to allow students to take full advantage of all the available technology tools on the test. Lastly, teachers will walk away with a wealth of online teaching tools and resources aligned to the TABE® 11 & 12 Assessment Blueprints.


Ronald Cruz is an adult educator for the past 16 years, specializing in ABE and GED Mathematics. He is the lead trainer for the Florida Institute of Professional Development for Adult Educators (IPDAE), who has conducted many workshops across the state in the areas of Adult Basic Education (ABE), GED, and English as a Second Language (ESL) for the past 5 years. He is also a national trainer for GED Testing Service, featured in the last two GEDTS National Conferences and Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) Conferences. He has developed several instructional resources such as face-to-face workshops, webinars, online training modules, curriculum guides, video lessons, training activity books and lesson plans, posted in www.floridaipdae.org. His latest creation, the ABE Mathematics Curriculum Matrix and Instructional Suite, helped many part-time adult educators throughout the state of Florida. He is the president of Bucket, Inc., a company who delivers quality professional development opportunities across the United States.

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This webinar has been generously sponsored by Essential Education.

Daily Integration of Digital Literacy Skills for Workforce and Transition Success

DATE: Friday, January 24, 2020
TIME: 2:00PM (Eastern Time)

Do your students have the digital skills necessary to succeed in the workforce and higher education? Can they format a Word document, collaborate with Google Sheets, and manage assignments in an online class? This interactive session will cover the use of Canvas in the adult education classroom and the seamless integration of vital digital skills into every aspect of your curriculum. With only a minor shift in thinking—and very little prep—you can incorporate digital skills into every lesson.


Tara PlouffTara Plouff has 11 years of experience teaching adult ELLs. She has an M.S. in Education and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology and Design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. At Hawkeye Community College’s Adult Learning Center, she is the Lead ELL Instructor/Coordinator and specializes in developing curriculum with a strong emphasis on technology integration. Currently, she teaches three sections of a self-developed hybrid IELCE course, Workplace Technology, in which advanced ELL students learn valuable digital literacy skills, employability skills, and can receive Hawkeye Community College Business and Community Education proficiency certificates in Microsoft Office and G Suite.  

This webinar has been generously sponsored by Burlington English.

Using Technology to Help Students Set and Achieve Goals

DATE: Wednesday, January 29, 2020
TIME: 2:00PM (Eastern Time)

Goal-setting is a crucial step for adult education students to reach their objectives and aspirations. Can we take advantage of technology to help students begin this process and keep everyone – students, teachers, counselors – on track? (The answer is yes!) In this workshop, we’ll look at a variety of tech tools, for example, stand-alone apps, social media sites, and learning management system functions, that educators can use as students work through the SMART goal-setting and goal-achieving process in high-tech and low-tech settings. We’ll also consider using technology to help us learn about and celebrate student achievements before and after students leave us. By the end of the presentation, each attendee will identify at least one tech tool they will use with their students to help students set and achieve goals.


Anthony BurikAnthony Burik is a Project Specialist with the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN), a California state leadership project that focuses on assisting adult education staff with integrating technology into instructional practices. He provides face-to-face and online training at sites and conferences across the state. He also assists with managing digital content and digital communications for OTAN. Prior to joining OTAN, Anthony Burik was the ESL and Citizenship Coordinator for an adult education program in the San Francisco Bay Area. He previously worked as an ESL teacher, Distance Learning teacher, EL Civics Project Leader, and GED test administrator, managing the GED testing center and helping open the agency’s PearsonVUE test center. Finally, Anthony has been active in a statewide professional development association for ESL K–adult professionals at the local and state levels. He currently serves on its Board of Directors as Outreach Coordinator.

The NROC Project

This webinar has been generously sponsored by The NROC Project.

How the COABE Learning Upgrade Challenge Drives Learner Growth!

DATE: Friday, February 7, 2020
TIME: 2:00PM (Eastern Time)

The COABE Learning Upgrade Challenge is a competition that will transform the lives of adult learners. Members can join a challenge to enroll adults in a smartphone app that is proven to improve literacy and math skills. Learners will complete engaging lessons while instructors track their progress. Providers, instructors, and learners will compete for rewards based on activity during each challenge semester.  Join us to find out more and start enrolling your learners!


Vinod Lobo is the founder and CEO of Learning Upgrade, which publishes online courses and smartphone apps to teach English, reading, and math through songs, video, and games. In 1998, he brought together educators, musicians, artists, and programmers to produce innovative, engaging lessons designed to support struggling students in reading and math. Through the incorporation of song, video, games, and educational research, Learning Upgrade has helped over 1 million students find a new path to learning success.



Drew Robinson leads Learning Upgrade’s sales, marketing, and customer service efforts. He has trained hundreds of teachers and enrolled thousands of students across the United States, implementing site specific plans for fast deployments and measurable student growth. Drew works with each site to address their specific needs and assists in launching each Learning Upgrade license with training for teachers and administrators.

This webinar has been generously sponsored by Learning Upgrade.

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