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Upcoming Topics

  August    IET
  September    ESL/EEL
  October    College and Career Readiness
  November    WIOA
  December    Numeracy

Upcoming Webinars

Now They Understand! Easy and Effective Pronunciation Instruction for Beginning Level

DATE: Thursday, August 13 2020 
Time: 2:00PM (Eastern Time)

Does pronunciation instruction have a place in the beginning level ESL classroom? Yes! In this workshop, participants will identify three pronunciation features that impact intelligibility and are beneficial for a variety of first language backgrounds. Participants will leave with classroom activities and routines that are easily integrated into beginning level language instruction.


Andrea Echelberger is the ESL Training Coordinator at the Minnesota Literacy Council where she conducts professional development trainings and develops resources for teachers and ESL volunteer tutors throughout Minnesota and surrounding states. Before becoming a professional trainer, Andrea spent ten years working with refugees and immigrants from around the world in St. Paul, Minnesota. She also served as an English Language Fellow for two years in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Andrea holds a MA in ESL from Hamline University and an ABE Teaching License from the University of Minnesota. 


This webinar has been generously sponsored by Burlington English.



How to Learn Science through Open Resource!

DATE: Wednesday, August 19 2020 
Time: 2:00PM (Eastern Time)

OER are increasingly being developed and adopted by educational programs and institutions. OER save money, but they also provide ideal learning tools. In science, a process-oriented field, students benefit from free access to well-developed instructions, illustrations, games, and animations showing how things work. In open classrooms, students learn to modify and republish those sources for others to emulate. (We learn what we teach!) Using OER creates win-win scenarios, and this webinar will show you how!


Leecy Wise retired as a tenured ESL/Basic Skills instructor and Distance Technology Trainer at El Paso Community College to work as an educational consultant with her own Reconnection Company. She currently serves as a LINCS trainer and resource reviewer after years of moderating its Reading and Writing Community of Practice as well.  Leecy also evaluates projects in the Southwest that serve Native-American students entering STEM occupations. She trains teachers (PreK-College and Adult Ed) online, through live-video, and onsite on a variety of topics: adult literacy and college preparation, integrated instructional practices, project-based learning, early reading acquisition, early childhood education and ECE program management, real-life math instruction, instructional technology and distance ed delivery, ESL instruction, OER integration into teaching , and cultural influences on learning. She is the curriculum designer and publisher for the highly-innovative Southwest Colorado STEM Prep Project, and creates contextualized digital content to prepare future workers to succeed in training for Trucking, Heavy Equipment, and Health occupations. Her resume includes a rich background as a Peace Corps administrator in Brazil, where she also grew up, and a long list of conferences and presentations offered nationally and internationally to a variety of audiences. OER practices and materials represent more than an interest to her. Since their inception, they have been a passion!


This webinar has been generously sponsored by WorkReady Mobile.


Building IETs that work: Views from Inside and Outside the Classroom

DATE: Monday, August 24, 2020 
Time: 2:00PM (Eastern Time)

One IET program will be used as a case study to shine a spotlight on the best practices that contribute to IET success. Hear what our Automated Industrial Technology IBEST students think are the most beneficial aspects of this IET for them; then learn what instructional and structural strategies guided these student successes. Through this closer look at best practices in collaborative instruction and program implementation, participants will take away essential strategies for IET success.


Mary Jo Chmielewski brings over 25 years of teaching experience to Pima Community College’s Adult Basic Education for College & Career Division. In her current position as the Acting College and Career Transitions Manager, her focus is on developing stronger pathways for adult learners transitioning into college through IET teaching and development.

She has worked as an IBEST Instructor, Math Bridge Instructor, Instructional Coach, and IBEST Professional Learning Community co-facilitator. In these multiple roles, Mary Jo contributes her extensive experience with differentiated instruction, inquiry-based learning, and college/career contextualized instruction among other key areas of instructional practice.


Wendy Scheder Black is the Acting Director of Adult Education Services in the Adult Basic Education Division at Pima Community College (PCC). Since 2013, Wendy has been building partnerships across the college and the community in order to support successful career pathways for adult learners. In this capacity, she has developed several IBEST, Early IBEST and Bridge programs at PCC.

Throughout the past two decades, Wendy has been an adult educator, an educational program developer, a trainer, and an entrepreneur both here in the US and abroad. Currently, she is focused on developing collaborative programs at PCC to help students carve out a pathway for successfully transitioning into college or a career.




This webinar has been generously sponsored by Burlington English.



Building Integrated Employment and Training Programs for ELLs in the Virtual Space

DATE: Thursday, August 27, 2020 
Time: 2:00PM (Eastern Time)

The pandemic has made it clear that high-quality, virtual learning is now a necessity, and it has highlighted the need to address issues of access and equity, especially with chronically underserved populations. While there is a national focus on apprenticeship and other workforce development programs, they have too often left English language learners behind. Come join this webinar to learn how to create English language onramps for existing job skills programs, effectively integrating employment and training programs for non-native speakers entering healthcare, manufacturing, food and beverage, and other in-demand career fields. Drawing on decades of research and experience in the fields of adult learning, immigrant integration, and workforce training, this webinar will offer relevant, practical advice to organizations looking to quickly and effectively upskill and reskill English learners with the tools they need for career development and economic mobility.


Katie Nielson, Ph.D., Chief Education Officer and Founder of the New Americans Initiative at Voxy

Katie Nielson is the Chief Education Officer, at Voxy, an educational technology company focused on teaching English to non-native speakers.  She leads the teams ensuring that learners are getting the most efficient and effective educational experience possible.  She has a Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition from the University of Maryland, and she’s been a classroom teacher, an Assistant Professor, and a Research Scientist.  She’s spent twenty years teaching languages, researching how to teach languages, and/or teaching people how to teach languages in various settings around the world.  Katie founded Voxy’s New Americans Initiative, an effort intended to make it easier for adult learners to access high-quality English instruction directly tied to their real-world needs. Katie lectures and writes about all things related to language learning and educational technology, and you can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and the Voxy Blog.  

Tadd Wamester, Director of the New Americans Initiative at Voxy.

Tadd builds partnerships that create bridges to careers for New Americans, while developing diverse talent pipelines for growth sectors through upskilling and incumbent worker training programs.  Tadd has over 12 years of experience in immigrant & refugee workforce development and education programs after nearly a decade at Upwardly Global where he used digital learning technologies for scaled impact, and also collaborated with multiple states to outline immigrant relicensing pathways and eliminate other systemic barriers to immigrant workforce Integration.  Tadd earned an M.A. in Business Education from NYU and a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University.




This webinar has been generously sponsored by Voxy.



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