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“Your webinars have provided teaching tools we will use well beyond this pandemic crisis. Thank you for showing us a greater and better way to teach! Keep them coming…Please!”

Vickie Byrd, AEL Instructor at Literacy KC, Kansas City, MO

Upcoming Topics

  January   Numeracy
  February   DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
  March   Corrections
  April   Advocacy
  May   IET
  June   High School Equivalency
  July   ESOL and English Language Learners
  August   College and Career Transition
  September   Family Literacy
  October   Apprenticeships
  November   Workforce
  December   Digital Literacy & Technology

Upcoming Webinars

MOVE AHEAD With Economics, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship: Real-World Integration Activities

DATE: Thursday, January 13, 2022 
Time: 2:00–4:00PM (Eastern Time)

This interactive webinar will demonstrate best practices for using basic economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship concepts, skills, and resources as impactful real-world contexts for teaching core academic subjects (math, English, science, social studies) and workforce skills. An emphasis will be placed on using economic reasoning skills and tools across subjects and skill levels to empower adults with limited education and income. This multidisciplinary integrative approach offers a 3-for-1 goal of achieving (1) increased comprehension of core academic subjects to pass HSE exams, (2) more informed decision-making for a more prosperous quality of life, and (3) more productive workforce and/or “side hustle” preparation for increased income and job satisfaction. Participants will practice thinking like an economist and an entrepreneur as well as collaborating and brainstorming opportunities to integrate economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship content in a variety of adult instructional settings such as GED and literacy programs, workforce development trainings, and one-on-one counseling/coaching sessions. Classroom-ready, field-tested, easily customizable activity sheets, a list of 120+ additional free resources, and certificate of completion included.


Starting her career as a Career and Technical Education high school teacher and cooperative education coordinator, Dr. Cheryl Ayers has more than 20 years of experience in creating and delivering customized professional development programs, undergraduate/graduate university courses, and curricula in economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship education for K-12 preservice and in-service teachers as well as adult educators, workforce development practitioners, and other like-minded adult service providers from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Her research and scholarship focus on teaching economics in an accessible and multidisciplinary way that empowers individuals for more productive and prosperous lives as consumers, employees, business owners, and citizens with an emphasis on economic reasoning skills and tools used to make more informed decisions. She recently published the first research-based theory of effective economics instruction at the secondary level. Dr. Ayers also currently serves as the director of the Center for Economic Education at Virginia Tech.


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COABE’s Relaunch of Present with Purpose

DATE: Tuesday, January 18, 2022 
Time: 2:00–3:00PM (Eastern Time)

COABE is excited to announce a relaunch of the IBM Present with Purpose training opportunity. Present with Purpose has been recently revised to improve navigation, integrate suggestions, and to reflect feedback from COABE membership. Join Chief Executive Officer, Sharon Bonney, Presenter Coach, Sarah Goldammer, COABE Board members, and a representative from IBM to learn about the Present with Purpose training. Hear about the COABE badge you can earn and get registered so you can use the Present with Purpose training to  Move the Nation Together with Adult Education! 


Sarah Goldammer is a passionate lifelong learner and educator. There is nothing more exciting to her than the “aha” moment and supporting others to find theirs! She currently serves as the director of the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center, part of the Illinois Community College Board Professional Development Network. She has a B.S in special education and a M.S. in higher education. Sarah is a certified trainer of Universal Design for Learning and the Special Learning Needs Institute. She has trained hundreds of individuals throughout her years in adult education.

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Collaborating, Exploring Virtual Manipulatives, and Deepening the Conceptual of Factors and More, in a Distance Learning Classroom

DATE: Friday, January 21, 2022 
Time: 2:00–3:00PM (Eastern Time)

Online, HyFlex/hybrid, and distance learning classrooms have changed how we teach, but not what we teach. In this session, we will look at using Jamboard as a way to explore virtual manipulatives, conceptual understanding, and student collaboration. We will start with “what is multiplication and division?”, connect it to factors, and then build to prime numbers and square roots. The focus will be on building conceptual understanding and coherence, while using virtual manipulatives in a platform where students have opportunities to collaborate.


Rebecca Strom has been teaching math since 1994, and has been teaching GED/ELL/diploma/college prep math in ABE since 2007. She has been a member of ATLAS’s MN Numeracy Initiative Advisory Team since 2012, where she creates and delivers numeracy and CCRS related professional development. She is a board member for the Adult Numeracy Network and has facilitated in-person and online trainings and courses through LINCS, Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy (TEAL) Initiative, World Education, Inc., and currently ANI 2.0.


Numeracy Routines That Develop Language

DATE: Monday, January 31, 2022 
Time: 2:00–3:00PM (Eastern Time)

What math can you do with a class of students from varying math backgrounds who have a wide range of test scores? Help your students develop reasoning and thinking habits, practice and build language skills, and build community by regularly using short numeracy activities in your instruction.


Connie guides adults through hands-on and minds-on experiences which allow them to uncover meaning and discover connections, and therefore act with increased confidence with numeracy. She serves adult students preparing for high school equivalency and brings her passion and varied classroom experience to her role as a training and curriculum development specialist. Connie is proud to have served as a president of the Adult Numeracy Network.


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