DEI Symposium Workshops

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9:30 am-11:00 am ET

Welcome & Opening Session, Sponsored by Google

Presenter: Shameeka Emanuel

Title: Tech Social Capital: A New Education Framework

Abstract: We will explore Tech Social Capital, the research behind its value, & how tech education programs can build that for Black and Latinx communities.


Keynote Session: Racial Equity and Immigrant Integration 

Presenter: Sanjita Pradhan



11:00 am-12:00 pm ET

Session 1: Justice Involved, Sponsored by Brainchild

Presenters: Mick Normington, Brandon Warren, Matt McGinnis, and Tracy Williams

Title: The Second Chance Starts Inside the Walls: Implementing IETs and Reentry Services for Justice-involved Students 

Abstract: As employers are struggling for skilled workers and schools are struggling for students, Lee College in Texas is demonstrating how to serve both of those needs — behind the prison walls. Lee College has brought in integrated education & training programs into its community college classes inside multiple state prisons. The result is more students and more people discharging from prison who are going home with marketable skills and better literacy. And the big secret: any community college, school district or even small employer can do it.


Handout from Brainchild


12:30 pm-1:20 pm ET

Session 2: Students as Leaders

Presenters: Laura Porfirio, Kristin Hempel, Jessica Wabler, Ana Chavarin, Megan Linzy, Arnold Montiel, and Haziel Zavier Lopez

Title: Ambassador training through an Asset-based Lens

Abstract: Ambassador training creates strong networks of diverse learners and leaders who use their voices and stories to affect change. This training program is rooted in participatory, social justice oriented practices that promote civic engagement and legislative advocacy. Engaging students as leaders and experts results in expanded identities and horizons. Students define themselves by their skills and strengths instead of deficiencies and barriers.  In this workshop, participants will hear about ambassador leadership from student leaders and other trainers as we examine our work through asset-based and transformative learning lenses. Tools for practice will be provided.



1:20 pm – 2:10 pm ET

Session 3: Digital Equity

Presenters: Amanda Bergson Shilcock, and Chrissie Powell

Title: Digital Equity: An Urgent Opportunity for Adult Learners & Educators

Abstract: The COVID pandemic laid bare the many inequities facing learners, and challenged educators as never before. Now, two years later, it’s time to step back and ask the big question: What does it mean for adult learners and adult educators to achieve digital equity? In this session, hear from two experienced practitioners and policy advocates. You’ll get an overview of how digital inclusion — broadband access, digital devices, and digital skills — relates to your learners as a matter of equity, and how adult education programs can play a vital role in closing equity gaps. Find out how you can connect with digital inclusion programs as complementary partners in serving adult learners. Get practical ideas for how you can make digital equity actionable in your organization — including drawing on new funding available through the Digital Equity Act. Bring your questions!

Presentation 1    |    Presentation 2


2:10 pm-3:00 pm ET

Session 4: Learning Differences, Difficulties, and Disabilities (Accessibility, Mental Health etc)

Presenters: Rashida Butcher and Emily McKeough

Title: Does the “D” in DEI stand for Disability?

Abstract: Have you ever wondered what you could do to accommodate students with disabilities in your classroom? This session looks at Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to ensure that all learners have access to accommodations for education programs.  You will be able to see what are some of the latest and greatest tools in the area of assistive technology.  We will highlight a budget friendly DEI toolkit for educators to consider.



3:00 pm-3:50 pm ET

Session 5: Workforce Equity

Presenters: Anson Green and Lee Kreimer

Title: Engaging Employers in English Language Upskilling and Career Advancement for Skilled Immigrants

Abstract: Adult educators are familiar with the ESL student who has a college degree and is languishing in a low paid job. The talents of these students are often unknown to employers and untapped to support businesses. Learn how providers in Nebraska, Maine, and Tyson Foods are closing this gap to support skilled immigrants and businesses in attaining bottom line results and diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives. These models represent a template for replication and proven practices.



3:50 pm-4:40 pm ET

Session 6: Pulling it All Together to Improve Programming

Presenter: Carmine Stewart

Title: 10 Tips for Increasing DEI in your program

Abstract: This session will provide a very brief review of what DEI means and where inequities originate so that all participants have a common language and understanding around DEI.  The majority of the presentation will focus on 10 practical strategies that programs can implement to infuse DEI through every component of their programs.



4:40 pm-5:00 pm ET

Breakout Session

5:00 pm ET

Closing Remarks

Presenter: Rachel Hirsch, Hector Martinez, Latricia Boone, Shaketta Thomas, and Sharon Bonney