Artificial Intelligence in Adult Education

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a buzzword or a wave of the future. While it is often unseen, it is in so many sectors of our society, and it’s revolutionizing what’s possible for learning and teaching. As an educator, you may wonder how AI can help you in your daily work. Did you know that AI can greatly shorten your workload, customize your lesson planning, and so much more? That’s why COABE has partnered with Impactful Education to deliver a customized bootcamp for COABE members for just $300 per participant.

AI in Adult Education Bootcamp, sponsored by COABE

Limited to 50 educators, this two-month bootcamp served as a pilot to identify what works in AI training for adult educators. Live talks from industry experts were conducted bi-weekly, interspersed with coaching sessions built on asynchronous learning materials. The bootcamp integrated all the instructional strategies previously outlined, ensuring a diverse, hands-on experience. Here, educators learned together, creating a nationwide peer learning community, while benefiting from the expertise of our team of expert trainers and course facilitators.

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Joey Lehrman is an advocate for innovation in learning and teaching. As an experienced educator, speaker, and writer, Joey is a career educator that focuses on how to use technology to create more accessible, relevant, and effective educational opportunities for all learners. Joey previously served as the Assistant Director of Data and Program Effectiveness in Adult Education at Delgado Community College, where he managed the development of the first fully online adult education program in the state that led to the program receiving the 2019 COABE State Innovation of the Year award.

Joey currently serves as a Project Manager for ISTE’s SkillRise, a national non-profit dedicated to helping educators use technology to transform adult learning. Joey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Theory from Michigan State University, was selected as a finalist for the 2017 and 2019 COABE Administrator of the Year Award, is a Google Level 1 and 2 Certified Educator, and a Google Certified Project Manager.

Recently, Joey has begun leading AI deployment initiatives across Adult Education, providing training, development, and capacity building for programs to integrate AI into classrooms and program design, helping educators leverage AI to save time and create more impactful learning experiences for adult students.


Ryan Stivers is an accomplished educator, project manager, and consultant with over 15 years of experience in K-12, Adult, and Higher Education, with an emphasis on the intersections of technology, curriculum development, and systems design. After dropping out of high school in Chicago, Ryan became a successful project manager and operations professional before returning to an adult education program to obtain his GED and enroll in college. Ryan is adept at creating custom solutions that lead to high levels of mastery and brings an established reputation for building strong education programming in blended and online learning spaces.

Highly regarded for utilizing data and technology initiatives to drive exemplary results for individuals and organizations. Ryan was selected in 2014 and 2017 as one of five finalists for the City of New Orleans Teacher of Excellence Award for exemplary academic performance, innovation, and relationship building in the classroom. Ryan holds a Masters in Degree in Educational Leadership from the Teachers College at Columbia University, is a Google Level 1 and 2 Certified Educator and a Google Certified Innovator.

Ryan currently deploys AI regularly in the student services, curriculum development, and career services spaces and is actively providing training to audiences of up to 100 on best practices for implementing AI in the workplace, implementing AI in career searching, and implementing AI in curriculum development.


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