Nonvoting Member of the Board

Task Force Chair

Danielle Cox

Prison Literacy Behind and Beyond the Walls Chair

Danielle has been an educator since 2001. She has a broad background as a teacher, reading specialist, a principal, a curriculum developer, academic coordinator for correctional education, and now as the director of correctional education for the State of Maryland prison system. Her career has been one of helping those most in need. In public schools, she assisted struggling students at the secondary school level. In the juvenile system, she found ways to reach the most-challenged youth who had faced many adversities in their lives. Then in correctional education at the Department of Labor, she has assisted many inmates achieve a secondary diploma (GED).

Danielle holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Shippensburg University, and a master’s in education administration from Frostburg University. She brings to her new role a variety of educational experiences in innovation and creativity from Washington County Public Schools, the Department of Juvenile Services, and the Maryland State Department of Education in reading, social studies, English, and life skills. Danielle began working for the Department of Labor Correctional Education division in 2014 as a teacher at Roxbury Correctional Institution, and served as acting principal at MCI-W, academic coordinator, and now director of correctional education.

Danielle has created many professional development opportunities that offered new directions to teachers within the 21 state prisons and pre-release units. She has provided leadership in the theory and practice of adult education and facilitated the development of an academic curriculum from the planning stage to implementation.

As academic coordinator for DLLR Correctional Education, Danielle facilitated the development of an ESL program and the new Correctional Education ESL Curriculum, and oversaw the implementation of the new GED Test and TABE 11/12 Tests. She managed and spearheaded the implementation of the Inmate Tablet Program funded by DLLR, GOCCP, and DPSCS. In July 2019, Danielle began her current role as director of correctional education, developing and managing multimillion-dollar budgets while supervising all educational programming within Maryland’s 21 state prisons and pre-release units.

Danielle is also one of the newest additions to the Maryland Association for Adult, Community, and Continuing Education (MAACCE) Board of Directors and serves on the MAACCE Professional Development Committee. In addition, Danielle served as a member of the COABE Prison Literacy Committee, in which she helped to facilitate the creation of a Career Pathways website for administrators, educators, and returning citizens. As chair of the committee, Danielle hopes to combine her experience with her compassion and enthusiasm, in order to create lasting positive change and take the Prison Literacy Committee to greater heights.