TAKE ACTION: State funding for adult education is available to fight the impact of COVID-19

Dear COABE Member,

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. We know that many of you may be struggling, but that you are also concerned about the adult learners in your programs, as well as their families. Thank you for all that you are doing to support them and to keep our programs running. 

Congress has now passed three COVID-19 relief packages. The third package includes funding for governors and state education agencies to support a variety of educational needs, especially those focused on adapting services to students to accommodate for the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that states should direct some of this funding to support adult education programs, particularly as many are trying to make the transition and become more virtual. We are asking for your assistance in making the case to our state leaders, and have drafted this letter to which you can adapt to your state context.

We ask that you click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state leaders as soon as possible, as they will soon be making decisions about how to use the new funding available through the most recent COVID-19 package. Your voices are critical to ensuring that some of this funding goes to supporting our adult learners, many of whom are heavily impacted by the financial crisis brought on by the pandemic. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our adult learners!


Sharon Bonney
Chief Executive Office
Coalition on Adult Basic Education