Have you wondered about the progress and successes your adult learners have made since participating in your program and the role the program has had in their lives? Through the years, many COABE members have requested data to share with funders or legislators regarding the value of adult education in a learner’s life.

COABE is pleased to share a groundbreaking research study to examine the return on investment of participating in adult education programs! With generous funding provided by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, the Return on Investment (ROI) study kicked off during the fall 2021 Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. Through this study, self-reported outcome measures related to employment, wages, family education, and civic engagement will be gathered from adult program completers over a three-year timeframe.

The first year of the project will include working with specific adult education sites to pilot and refine the study questionnaires. Once the questionnaires are finalized, the project will solicit participants with the help of adult education programs from across the nation. The longitudinal approach will help to provide insights into the initial and long-term benefits and impact adult education programs have on their completers, families, and communities. Project updates will be shared through the COABE website (www.coabe.org/roi-study) and various publications and presentations.

In partnership with Dollar General Literacy Foundation.