Interview with Author Cathleen Cody featured in the Workforce Edition of the COABE Journal

Cathleen Cody, EdD, has been an adult educator for 22 years. She started working part-time at Middletown Adult Education shortly after her first daughter was born and has never left. She teaches English full-time in the Credit Diploma Program. Dr. Cody lives in Connecticut with her husband and a revolving door of college-aged daughters who move in and out of the house.

Six Reasons Why Adult Education Graduates Successfully Completed CNA Training: A Phenomenological Study

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to understand the behavioral and environmental influences on adult education graduates from central Connecticut, who successfully completed a postsecondary certified nursing assistant program in the state of Connecticut, and how those influences can contribute to the success of other adult education graduates. Eight adult education graduates from central Connecticut who had successfully completed postsecondary certified nursing assistant (CNA) programs were interviewed face-to-face in semi-structured, one-on-one interviews to gather data. Six themes emerged from the data: the participants perceived they were successful in completing a postsecondary CNA program because they loved helping others and were in it for the right reasons, (2) had matured and no longer acted like they were in high school, (3) found the structure of the program and the teachers helpful to their learning style, (4) had inner strength, (5) had support in or out of the classroom, and (6) wanted more or better for themselves.