Adult Learner Success Story – Brandy Logan

Brandy has overcome multiple hardships, including homelessness and parental substance abuse, to pursue higher education, break the generational cycle of drugs and poverty, and create a better life for herself and her family. Dropping out of school in 10th grade Brandy was without family, life skills, support, an education, and felt hopeless. She became a young mother at the age of 19, and 2 years later while working another waitressing position, she had an ah-ha moment. She pinched pennies and was able to save enough to take the GED® test, which changed her life’s course. Brandy has faced setbacks throughout her college education, including caring for her family and donating a kidney to save her husband’s life. Brandy obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and is currently pursuing her EdD in Organizational Leadership, Brandy works at the state level in Workforce Development with local agencies that administer WIOA funds to the community in an effort to combat poverty and build self-sufficiency.