Adult Education Workforce Panel

Intersect 2021 Launch event featuring national partners Google, IBM SkillsBuild, National Governor’s Association, US Department of Commerce, and the US Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday 9/22 at 2:00 pm ET

  • Shanika Hope, Google, Director of Tech Ed
  • Lydia Logan, IBM SkillsBuild, Vice President of Education and Skills
  • Michelle Chang, Department of Commerce

Are education and workforce silos stifling innovation at a time when we need it the most?

How do we better align our educational focus to ensure there is an equitable workforce, and what is the corporate world doing to address these issues?

If you and your colleagues are grappling with these complex questions, join us for a dynamic discussion with leading organizations that have invested heavily into the field of adult education. Learn more during this informative and engaging session that will highlight select national business partners against the backdrop of the fast approaching Intersect 2021!