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Warm greetings COABE community members! I’m Steve Schmidt, the new COABE Presenter Coach, and I’m very excited to embark on this journey with you! I look forward to assisting all COABE presenters in delivering their best professional development at the COABE conference next March, whether live in Nashville, hybrid, or virtually across the world.

I have worked in adult education for 31 years as an instructor, local program administrator, and professional developer. One of my favorite jobs was working at Appalachian State, where our team provided professional development for North Carolina adult educators. Since 2019, I have been an adult education entrepreneur working on various initiatives. I moderate the LINCS Reading and Writing Group and have conducted workshops and webinars for states and local programs across the country. I have also served as a coach for Teaching Skills That Matter and have authored materials for New Readers Press.

Providing powerful professional development is my passion. No matter how experienced we are, we can always grow and improve in our craft. As we head toward March, I am excited to meet you during office hours and webinar events. I will be developing a dynamic COABE Presenter page that will be filled with exciting resources. I look forward to meeting and coming alongside you as we prepare for the conference. You can reach me at


Office Hours will be provided in the months leading up to conference to ask questions as you prepare for your COABE presentation.

  • Friday, January 19th at 3:30pm ET, REPLAY
  • Friday, February 16th at 3:30pm ET, REPLAY
  • Friday, March 8th at 3:00pm ET, REPLAY

Steve Schmidt, COABE Presenter Coach, is happy to do a free, individualized coaching session with you where we can review your session content prior to the conference. Please email Steve at to set up a convenient time.


Webinar: The Three P’s for Powerful Presentations

Sharing your knowledge and expertise at COABE is a priceless present you provide to the adult education community. Preparing for your presentation is key to promoting success. Join this webinar to learn about persistent preparation, passionate performance, and plentiful participation as you ponder the three P’s of powerful presentations. Resources will be provided and an opportunity for individual coaching will be proffered. Presenters: Kim Glenn, Sarah Goldammer, and Steve Schmidt in a COABE and AALPD partnership.

Date: Monday, March 4th 2-3pm EST
Watch the Replay: HERE

Webinar: Get Ready to Deliver Powerful Presentations!

Watch the playback of AALPD, Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers, in collaboration with COABE, as they share top tips for powerful presentations. Their experiences, both as seasoned presenters as well as participants, lay the foundation for this session. Topics include engaging your audience, both virtual and in person, room management, time management, and quality handouts. Get ready for COABE with the help of your AALPD! Presenters: Olga M. Escamilla, PhD., Carmine Stewart, PhD., and Sarah Goldammer, M.S.

Watch the replay   |   Powerful Presentations Notes    |   Powerful Presentations Planning Handout


COABE Hybrid Presenter Training

To ensure a seamless presentation, COABE requires each hybrid (virtual and in-person combined) presenter have a support person (buddy) to assist them. If you don’t have a co-presenter to fill this role, please consider asking a colleague or strand partner for assistance. Still need help? Click here to access a Google Doc for hybrid presenters to request a buddy.

Hybrid Professional Development Videos

Hybrid Presentation Hints with Dr. Glenda Rose
You Need a Buddy for Your COABE Hybrid Presentation!
Change Your Mindset about Your Online Audience

Tips and Notes for Hybrid (In-person and Virtual) Presenters

COABE Conference Speaker Training – Features of the Conference App

Check out Information about the conference app, Whova, and features for presenters.

Tips for Presenting Virtually – COABE webinar for Presenters

Watch the replay as COABE’s former Presenter Coach, Sarah Goldammer, and long-time COABE presenter, Melinda Holt, share the top ten tips for effective virtual presentations and share some free resources to help you rock your virtual COABE session!

Watch the Replay


Your proposal will be reviewed by a Strand Partner. Please see the Conference Strands here for a description of each Strand and the intended audience. Consider your primary topic and audience, then select a Strand for your session. [Note that reviewers may consider your session for another strand than the one you select].

  • Concurrent Session: 70 minutes. Offered Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Room setup In-Person: Theater; Virtual: Webinar
  • Preconference Half Day Session: 3 hours. Offered Sunday only. Room setup In-Person: Rounds; Virtual: Meeting
  • Preconference Full Day Session: 6 hours. Offered Sunday only. Room setup In-Person: Rounds; Virtual: Meeting
  • Screens in all rooms
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Projectors
  • Lavalier Microphones
  • Podium with Microphone
  • Laptop (for hybrid session rooms only)
  • Chart Paper (must request by 1/15/24 to
  • Please bring your own computer and any special adapters or plugs (HDMI adapter, RGB adapters, correct Apple MAC VGA adapters, or external speakers). Our projectors connect using the following: HDMI, VGA-In, VGA-out, Composite Video, USB power out, Audio-In, Audio-Out and RS-232C, your presentations are visible from any source device.
  • Furnishing handouts in the quantity needed for sessions (prepare at least 45 handouts)
  • First time COABE presenters must complete your “Present with Purpose” credential by 1/31/2024 to receive placement in the conference program. If you need assistance, please email

Steps on how to earn your Present with Purpose credential

– Present With Purpose FAQs

– Learn more about the Present with Purpose Relaunch and watch the webinar replay with former Presenter Coach, Sarah Goldammer.

  • Register for the conference by 1/31/2024.
  • Review your presentation’s information and scheduled date and time.

– All changes must be submitted by 1/31/2024 to

  • Training will be offered on presenting both virtually and in-person

– Practice sessions will be made available prior to the conference

  • All sessions will be 70 minutes in length

Virtual Sessions:

  • Will be presented using the Zoom platform with tech support available for virtual presenters.
  • Virtual sessions will be set up as webinars by default for ease of use unless a special request is made for a meeting format.
  • Virtual Sessions will be recorded for playback.
  • Available virtual presenting tools will be chat, Q&A, white board, annotation, interactive polling, and tech support.
  • Pre-conferences will be set up virtually for the meeting format for virtual with the ability to have breakout rooms and will not be recorded unless otherwise specified.

In-person Sessions:

  • Available presenting tools will be screens, internet connections, projector, mic, presentation remote, and chart paper. Must request chart paper by 1/15/24 to
  • Pre-conferences will be set up with round tables.
  1. The COABE Presenter Handbook is full of helpful tips for planning and delivering your presentation virtually. It’s a great starting place for both new and experienced presenters.
  2. Presenting Virtually – Webinar vs Meeting format.
  3. In-Person and Virtual Presenting Tips Tip Sheet
  4. Screen Sharing Guide (for Zoom) – Recommendations and troubleshooting for sharing your screen, projecting presentation slides, and navigating Zoom while presenting.
  5. Guidelines for finding images – Are you certain the images in your PowerPoint are not subject to copyright? These guidelines will help you determine which images are usable and where you can find them.