$1,000 Graduation Fund: Sign Up Today!

When learners graduate from adult education programs, they move forward with the skills that they need to get a job or enroll in a community college. We also know intuitively that getting a high school diploma, gaining digital literacy skills, and achieving workforce readiness skills is transformational for adult learners- it truly changes their. lives! COABE wants to track your success!

We invite you, graduates to sign up to participate in our Alumni Study. After you enroll in the study, you will receive two additional emails from us over the course of the year (that’s it!) When you sign up to participate, you will be automatically entered into the $1,000 Graduation Fund! The winner will be announced on June 1, 2023. Click below to participate. Sign up now.

Local program administrators and teachers, sign up your local program (HERE)  to participate in COABE’s Alumni Study to be entered into a raffle for $500. Three winners will be selected and announced on June 1, 2023. Be sure to let all your graduates know about the opportunity to apply for COABE’s Graduation Fund! 
Visit the Adult Education Alumni Study page to learn more about this initiative.