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COABE is pleased to provide the following Employment Opportunities Bulletin Board, an all new benefit created especially for our members that are looking for adult education employment opportunities.


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If you would like to add a job posting contact:

Sharon Bonney, Manager
Fax: 866-941-5129
Phone: 888-44-COABE

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People's Resource Center

People’s Resource Center (PRC) is a 38-year not-for-profit social service organization. PRC serves DuPage County residents in need of basic services (food, clothing, housing and emergency financial assistance) and empowerment services (ESL, computer training, job search assistance, and art enrichment). PRC serves over 33,000 people per year, has an annual operating budget of $2.8 million, and has 33 employees and over 1,700 volunteers.

People’s Resource Center is hiring a Full-Time (40 hours/week) Computer Training Coordinator to coordinate the activities of the Computer Training program according to program goals and strategies. Schedule will include evenings and weekends. Click here for more information.

LaGuardia Community College

Lead Trainer/Manager position with the College and Career Pathways Institute (CCPI) at LaGuardia Community College. The Professional Development Institute Manager will coordinate the design and delivery of professional development offerings and curriculum development initiatives at LaGuardia Community College's College and Career Pathways Institute (CCPI). 

The Professional Development Institute Manager will coordinate the design and delivery of professional development offerings and curriculum development initiatives at LaGuardia Community College's College and Career Pathways Institute (CCPI). 

The College and Career Pathways Institute aims to share LaGuardia's evidence-based approach to contextualized instructional strategies with practitioners interested in creating career and college-readiness programs for adult learners at universities, community based organizations, and secondary education settings. 

The Professional Development Institute Manager is an experienced and creative educator with excellent presentation, communication, and time management skills. The manager negotiates multiple roles, including: business developer, staff supervisor, instructor, curriculum writer, and presenter. The position requires a unique combination of entrepreneurial and instructional expertise for the creative development and presentation of professional development materials. Click here for more information.

The Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE)

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Customized Database Development

The Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) is a national nonprofit adult basic education organization. Proposals for development and design of database services will be accepted until May 4, 2014. The work will be awarded to the vendor of choice by May 15, 2014 with work beginning no later than June 1, 2014. Click here to download the entire request for proposal.

Scope of work:
Provide database development services for all data needs to include combined database for membership, journal, and conference needs.

• June–July—Membership/Journal Capabilities
• July–August—Beta Test
• August—Call for Presentations/Beta Test
• September—Registration
• October—Beta Test

Creation of an online membership and journal subscription application including:
• Transferring existing data
• Creation of end user forms including COABE branding
• Integration with COABE Payment Gateway
• Member invoicing and receipts
• Membership reminders
• Backend administration system with basic reporting and COABE staff management capabilities
• Large group membership import
• Reciprocal relationships

Creation of online conference registration application including:
• Conference registration with all options
• Conference events
• Integration with COABE payment gateway
• Confirmation, invoicing, and receipts for registrant
• Proposal mechanism
• Vendor registration
• Method for editing and reusing for future conferences
• Backend administration system with customized reporting options and COABE staff management capabilities

Web Hosting:
• Indicate web hosting capability.

Reporting Structure:
Services will be performed timely and in accordance with the Company’s policies and procedures. Contractor will be required to meet all deadlines and will report to the Manager and Database Chair of the COABE executive committee weekly. Based on those conversations, necessary adjustments to work plan will be made accordingly.


1. Proposals should include the information outlined in this section; our ability to interpret and apply your proposal to these questions will factor into our decisions.

2. Provide a brief history and profile of your company and its experience providing services for organizations similar to ours. Provide a list of your company’s clients comparable to our organization; include contact name, telephone number, website location, services provided and length of service.

3. Document experience illustrating expertise in working with non-profit organizations, providing database development and design services building interactive, customized databases that engage users, providing an optimal experience on the front and backend.

4. Describe in detail your company’s proposal to address the requirements outlined in this RFP, including details such as technologies, and staff capacity.

5. Provide a timeline for the completion of this proposal, including a multi-phase approach that addresses approximate timeframes.

6. Describe the fee structure and how the organization will be charged. The costs involved may be categorized separately as redesign, implementation costs, maintenance costs, and software licensing costs.

7. Also include your company’s plan for post-deployment maintenance, and upgrades including hourly rates for services.

8. Describe the project’s process and methodology including sample deliverables from past projects of similar size and scope. Please document examples of your company’s experience in designing/developing each of the project requirements.

9. List the project team (including programmers and designers) and short biographies of each team member. If using freelancers or outside resources please indicate them as such; we reserve the right to approve/disapprove of selected resources. Indicate how many full time staff your firm employs.

10. All proposals must include a hosting solution, whether that solution is provided by the company or a third party service provider. Please detail the cost structure, hosting platform, uptime statistics, location of the server, data backup and integrity plan, etc. Clearly identify additional costs incurred with a change in hosting site.

11. Provide an unsigned copy of your standard service contract for our review and any additional stipulations of which we should be aware.

Send all communication to, addressed to Kathi Medcalf, Database Chair and Sharon Bonney, Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the criteria for success of this project? (What does the successful result of this project look like to COABE?) (i.e. Positive Membership feedback about the site? Certain number of membership renewals? Low number of technical issues? An increase in workflow/staff efficiency within COABE?
Answer: All of the above.

Question: Are there any new special discounts or attributes of the membership types?
Answer: Yes, indicating discounts needed.

Question: Regarding the transferring of existing data; How many records need to transferred?
Answer: Over 20,000.

Question: What is the data source structure of historical records currently? (SQL, Access, Excel, MS SQL?)
Answer: Right now it is in an ACCESS database, the import is pulled into EXCEL.

Question: Will the vendor be required to create export routines to get the data out of system?
Answer: No.

Question: Is the data clean (scrubbed) already or will time be need to allow COABE to scrub before being imported into new system?
Answer: COABE has already begun scrubbing so it will be ready in time. Protocol needed with and without.

Question: Will the original creator of system be available for questions on existing data table relationships/structures of current system?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Are there any "must have" output or reports that will need to be generated by the system?
Answer: Yes, automated receipts and membership/journal/conference reports to name a few. This will be discussed at the next stage of the process once project is awarded to vendor.

Question: Will there be a test user test group provided on both the staff side and the public member side for usability testing?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is virtual (i.e. GotoMeeting, WebEx...) training of staff acceptably or is onsite training preferred?
Answer: Yes, Virtual training is preferred.